One house, 16 fighters. It might not seem all that daunting, but each season, The Ultimate Fighter’s format takes a toll, both mentally and physically, on the fighters seeking to snag that six-figure contract. While The Ultimate Fighter 19 continues in search of the next great welterweight, the third installment of the Brazilian version of the UFC’s landmark reality series finally comes to its concluding moments.

This week, on the 12th and final episode of the show, coach Chael Sonnen and rival Wanderlei Silva saw the semifinals come to a close. Last week,  the semifinals began, as middleweights Wagner Gomes and Warlley Alves did battle, as did Marcos Rogério and Antônio Carlos Junior. In the end, Alves and Junior advanced to the finale, meaning that the winners of this week’s two semifinals would meet them this weekend at The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale in Sao Paulo.

The remaining match-ups featured Ricardo “Demente” Abreu vs. Márcio “Lyoto” Junior and Richardson Moreira vs. Vitor Miranda. The middleweight contest kicked off the action, and the heavyweights followed. Both Abreu and Márcio made weight with little issue and we moved on to the middleweight semifinals.

Middleweight Fight: Ricardo Abreu (Team Wanderlei) vs. Márcio Junior (Team Sonnen)

Junior and Abreu spent the majority of the first round on the feet, with Junior taking the fight to Abreu from the onset and defending takedowns. After getting pressed against the cage at one point, Junior executed a nice foot sweep to create room to return to the center of the Octagon, and attacked with push kicks. One of those push kicks dropped Abreu, which led to Junior attempting to effectively do damage in the Thai clinch, but Abreu succeeded in pushing Junior against the cage again and keeping control until the end of the round.

Round two began with Junior demonstrating impressive footwork, but after a inadvertent low-blow, Abreu attempted to turn it up a little bit more.  He swung at Junior with haymakers and a variety of shots, but much like “Lyoto”, Abreu could not land much of significance. Nevertheless, Abreu managed to end the round as the fresher man, and as per the norm for the semifinal rounds of The Ultimate Fighter, this bout would enter a third round.

Round three saw both fighters go for broke and will their way to the bitter end. Junior began the round swinging, and looked to finish the bout just the same, but Abreu did not let up. Both men put everything they have into trying to finish in this round , but eventually, the two slowed down again. The round ended sometime after Junior landed one last left on Abreu, and we went to the scorecards. One judge scored the bout for Abreu, but the other two judges score the tilt for Junior, who moves through to face Alves in an all-Team Sonnen affair.

 Márcio “Lyoto” Junior def. Ricardo Abreu by split decision

Much like last week, when Team Sonnen did not get a chance to celebrate Alves’ win too hard due to Rogério vs. Carlos Junior, the green team could not celebrate Junior’s win much either. Once again, the big boys would follow the 185ers, and while Moreira certainly hoped to turn the heavyweight final into an all-Team Wanderlei affair, “Lex Luthor” Miranda wanted to chalk up one last win for “Team Dark Side.”

Heavyweight Fight: Richardson Moreira (Team Wanderlei) vs. Vitor Miranda (Team Sonnen)

Round one saw both men start out by eating jabs and then battling against the cage. Both men tried everything to gain a dominant position early on. Miranda capitalized on a stuffed takedown attempt from Moreira and turned the tide in his favor with a knee that dropped Moreira, who to his credit, looked to mount a comeback by launching a flurry of strikes. The round ended after Moreira eventually shook off the effects of the knee, but we would see a round two.

It didn’t take long for Miranda to finish the job, as he sprawled to defend another takedown attempt and forced Moreira to turtle up after unloading with ground and pound. The ref saw enough after just 33 seconds, and Miranda punched his ticket to meet Carlos Junior in the heavyweight final.

 Vitor Miranda def. Richardson Moreira by TKO (punches). Round 2, 0:33

This concluded the recorded portion of the season, but there are still champions to be crowned. Alves and “Lyoto Junior” will battle in the middleweight bracket, and Miranda and “Cara de Sapato” will meet in the heavyweight ladder. Who will triumph to become the next winners of The Ultimate Fighter? Find out this Saturday as The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 concludes the search for Brazil’s next champion!