Sometimes, the life of a fighter sucks.

Train. Train. Train. Family, friends and everything else slowly begins to take a back seat. To be the best at something, you have to dedicate your whole life to it. That’s just a simple fact of life.

Winning a fight is when all the hard work, all the sacrifice, begins to pay off. Losing a fight, well, that takes its toll. Lose another after that, and it all begins to build up. Enough losses, and doubt begins to set in.

Brown (center) (Legend FC)

Brown (center) (Legend FC)

Damien Brown has been on a three-fight slump once before in his career, so he knows exactly how that feels. Heading into his third appearance under the Cage Warriors banner on June 7, Brown faces the possibility of another three-fight slide. Brown has no doubts that the time has come to make amends.

“My last two fights have been real close decisions,” Brown explained to The MMA Corner. “I know I’ve just gotta get in there and get a win. I know that when I do finally get a win over there, that my confidence will just soar. I can’t wait to get back in there and put on a show.”

After his loss to Paul Redmond at Cage Warriors 65, Brown was slated to be featured on the AFC 9 card in Albury, Australia. Albury holds a special place in Brown’s heart, as it is where the Brisbane-based fighter grew up. It was set to be the first time that Brown was going to be able to fight in front of friends and family.

It wasn’t meant to be, though. The promotion struggled to find a match for Brown, and the only opponent that agreed to the fight had to pull out of the bout.

“I really wanted the chance to fight in front of my friends and family in my hometown, and I was grateful that Cage Warriors gave me a one-fight release, because they didn’t have to do that,” Brown explained. “It sucked when my opponent pulled out, but I was lucky enough that I could get straight on the phone and ask for a fight as soon as possible and Cage Warriors were able to accommodate me. That’s something I’m really grateful for.”

With a fight at home off the cards, it comes time for Brown to once again board a flight and embark on another fighting journey. It’s something to which the 16-fight veteran has become accustomed. Almost all of his fights over the past two years have taken place on foreign soil.

“I’m really looking forward to going over there again,” Brown admitted. “It’s just a great trip. I might not be looking forward to being on the plane for so many hours, but once we actually get there, the whole thing is just amazing. Cage Warriors treat us very well, and everything is just run so smoothly. Everyone is just so nice and make time to have a chat and just make us feel so welcome.”

Brown (L) (Legend FC)

Brown (L) (Legend FC)

For his third appearance with Cage Warriors, Brown is slated to meet undefeated Tim Wilde, who is poised to make his debut with the organization. Brown is eager to repeat his “Fight of the Night” performance from his last showing, but he knows that securing a win under the Cage Warriors banner is vital.

“Last time, I was in the ‘Fight of the Night,’ and I felt like it could have gone either way right up until the last few minutes of the fight,” Brown said. “It was good to be in a fight that was talked about, and that people enjoyed it, but this time I really wanna get a win [laughs]. It’s tough going over and not coming out with the win, but it’s been such a good experience and I have fought some tough guys.

“I was supposed to be fighting Saul Rogers, but he had to pull out. It didn’t really change much, because I’m always just training for any opponent. I just know I need to go in and close the distance and see how he fights in the clinch. I want to walk out of London with my first Cage Warriors win and put on the ‘Fight of the Night’ again.”

Nothing in life is supposed to be easy. When Brown steps into that cage on June 7, the past no longer matters. To a degree, the future isn’t on his mind either. It’s all about that moment. It’s about once again going out there and showing what he can do. It’s not going to be easy, but Brown has it in him. He’s a fighter, after all, and when that cage door closes, Brown will have the time of his life.

Damien would like to thank his wife. He would also like to thank ASN Chermside, Again Faster Equipment, Rocktape Australia, Prodigy Fit, MMA Apparel, Integrated MMA and Marc Fiore. Follow Brown on Twitter: @Beatdown_Brown

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