The most powerful kind of stories are the ones that are passed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s a wartime tale about how our forefathers risked their lives on the battlefield, or a love story for the ages about how parents met, every family has a story that is told over and over again.

Tammy Taylor’s family has old photographs and stories of a professional fight career. The photos aren’t of her own career, though. Instead, they form the story of a career that drove her to take up combat sports.

“There are pictures with my grandfather with belts and trophies from when he was a boxer,” Taylor told The MMA Corner. “His memory is definitely what saw me get started with boxing. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, too [laughs]. So that helped too, but it was mainly seeing what my grandfather had done and wanting to follow that.”

Taylor makes her MMA debut at Valor 8 on June 14 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Taylor, who has a well-versed background in amateur boxing, will enter the cage as a professional for the first time when she faces Zoie Shreiweis. A lack of activity on the Australian boxing circuit led her to mixed martial arts, and she’s simply looking forward to being able to compete.

“It’s been tough getting fights in boxing because I have a good amateur record,” Taylor explained. “There’s not a lot of girls in boxing as well, and when I have had opponents lined up, they’ve gotten sick or there’s some other excuse [laughs]. I’m looking forward to making my MMA debut for Valor. I want to get as many fights as I can.

“Zoie has had two to three fights, so I am looking forward to fighting an experienced opponent and seeing how I go. I know that I have had the best training, and I’m prepared for whatever gets thrown at me.”

Going from a base in boxing to learning all the facets of MMA can be an overwhelming situation. Taylor’s willingness to learn, develop and listen has certainly played in her favor, though. She has also enjoyed the benefits of working with experienced MMA coaches and fighters in Brisbane.

“It’s really refreshing,” she admitted. “I’m like a sponge in the gym, and I never stop learning. Every time I go in there I am learning something, and it’s getting really exciting. I just enjoy being able to learn again, and look forward to where it can take me. I am very confident with my coach, Dan Hyatt, and I can’t wait to fight.”

Like most up-and-coming fighters, Taylor is eager to have her name in the limelight. It takes just one fight for a competitor to want to devote their life to the sport of MMA. Since the very early days of her career, Taylor has had her eyes on making it all the way to the top.

“I’m all or nothing,” she exclaimed. “I definitely wanna go all the way in the sport. And it’s kind of like MMA has really taken off here in Australia, so I want to get in and fight the best girls out there.”

It may only be her first outing as a professional, but Taylor is certainly ready to continue her family legacy of success in professional combat sports. With her transition from boxing to MMA, Taylor is eager to see just how far she can make it as a professional. And with enough success inside the cage, it could very well be her story that gets passed down in her family for generations to come. Her grandfather seemingly paved her way to both the ring and the cage, and now she has the opportunity to do the same thing for the next generation.

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