Following each UFC event, The MMA Corner will dive into the decision victories on the card and grade the performance of the event’s official judges. In this edition, we take a look at UFC Fight Night 46.

No matter how hard fans hope for a world where judges’ decisions don’t frustrate the masses, the simple fact is that controversial decisions come with the territory. Judges can only call it the way they see it from their seat, but there are times when they slip up and either miss the obvious, fail to pay attention or ultimately prove their inexperience by awarding the fight to the wrong individual.

The good news for fight fans was the promotion’s return to Ireland saw seven out of 10 fights end before the judges were needed. And thankfully, all three decisions that were rendered in Dublin were in favor of the correct fighter. However, there were still a few headscratching moments.

The first scorecards needed in Dublin came in the middleweight fight between Trevor Smith and The Ultimate Fighter 17 alum Tor Troeng. The back-and-forth battle saw Troeng score the heavier shots in the opening frame, as well as the fight’s first takedown. Smith came back in the second and third stanzas to get the better of the Swedish fighter, using dominant top control. It was a straightforward fight to score, and judges Tom Harris, Howard Hughes and Dean Weir each nailed it with 29-28 tallies in favor of Smith.

While judge Weir got off to a good start, he joined colleagues Ben Cartlidge and Mark Collett in one of the worst single-round scorecards in recent memory in the middleweight affair between Cathal Pendred and Mike King. The much larger King simply battered the Irishman Pendred in round one. He outlanded Pendred by a gaudy 55 to 7 total, including a takedown and rear-naked choke attempt. It was one of the most obvious 10-8 rounds you’ll ever see. Yet, inexcusably, all three judges handed in scores of 10-9 for the frame. Fortunately, Pendred came back and finished King in round two, negating the need for the judges. Nevertheless, these judges do not get a pass for their ineptitude.

Luckily, the next fight that went the distance was also fairly cut and dry. Ireland’s Neil Seery used superior boxing and takedown defense to stifle the attack of England’s Phil Harris for three rounds. Unlike the pair’s first meeting, it was Seery that took home the unanimous decision win in the flyweight match-up. Judges Collett, Harris and Hughes all correctly scored the fight 30-27 in Seery’s favor.

The final decision of the night also involved 125-pound fighters as American Ian McCall used his speed and footwork to get the better of England’s Brad Pickett. Pickett spent most of the fight searching for a fight-finishing power shot, and as a result, he was largely picked apart by McCall. A look at the stats reveals a greater than two-to-one advantage for McCall in strikes landed in every round. Add in a pair of takedowns in the second and third rounds and there was never any doubt who won the fight. Judges Harris and Weir correctly gave McCall all three rounds, but judge Hughes must’ve felt left out from criticism, handing in a 29-28 scorecard for McCall. Although the right fighter won the fight, Hughes scored the second round in favor of Pickett. In that round, McCall doubled Pickett’s output on the feet by landing 25 strikes to Pickett’s 12, while also earning a takedown and spending a minute on top. Fortunately for McCall, it had no impact on the outcome of the fight.

Much like this week’s earlier event in New Jersey, no fighters left the Octagon in Dublin with a controversial loss. While a few judges may have handed in some questionable scorecards, avoiding controversy is a win for everyone.

Judges’ Grades

Ben Cartlidge – D (Cathal Pendred vs. Mike King)

Mark Collett – C (Cathal Pendred vs. Mike King, Neil Seery vs. Phil Harris)

Tom Harris – A (Trevor Smith vs. Tor Troeng, Neil Seery vs. Phil Harris, Ian McCall vs. Brad Pickett)

Howard Hughes – B- (Trevor Smith vs. Tor Troeng, Neil Seery vs. Phil Harris, Ian McCall vs. Brad Pickett)

Dean Weir – B- (Trevor Smith vs. Tor Troeng , Cathal Pendred vs. Mike King, Ian McCall vs. Brad Pickett)