Every week, The MMA Corner takes a look at three regional, developmental or international cards from the upcoming weekend, previewing from each a single fight to which people should pay close attention. We will also list other significant bouts from the card, as well as information on how to follow each promotion and watch the events.

Let’s discover those prospects that fight in the obscurity of the regional, developmental and international circuits, waiting for their shot at the bright lights and big stage of the UFC, and those veterans looking for one more chance at stardom. It all begins here, in the small convention centers and high school gymnasiums. It all begins with promotions such as these…

Resurrection Fighting Alliance 16

1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colo.
Event Date: July 25
Website: rfafighting.com
Watch Event: AXS TV
Twitter: @RFAfighting

Spotlight Fight:
Josh Copeland (8-0) vs. Jan Jorgensen (7-0)

The Resurrection Fighting Alliance’s role as a developmental league has resulted in a number of prospects advancing on to the big stage of the UFC’s Octagon. Now, with the promotion set to crown an inaugural champion in its heavyweight division, the RFA might be on the verge of delivering the next heavyweight prospect right into UFC matchmaker Joe Silva’s hands. Josh Copeland and Jan Jorgensen will vie for the belt—and a little more attention from the UFC—in the headlining affair of RFA’s 16th offering.

Copeland will make his RFA debut after running through eight opponents in a combination of Sparta Combat League and Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz fights. “The Cuddly Bear’s” last three victories came against opponents with winning records, but none of those opponents are truly notable names. The Grudge Training Center product has four submission wins and two finishes by some form of knockout. The 6-foot-1 Copeland has held the the Sparta Combat League heavyweight belt. He started competing in tough-man contests before getting an invite to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Travis Lutter’s gym. He made his pro debut in June 2012 after a 4-1 run as an amateur.

Jorgensen will also be making his RFA debut. “The Janimal” has fought exclusively for Showdown Fights throughout his professional career, which started in 2011, as well as his amateur career, from 2010 to 2011. The Pit Elevated product has two submission wins, but he tends to get things done with his fists, which have accounted for four TKO finishes. Jorgensen is a former BYU football player and has a background in high school wrestling. His most notable win came in his last outing, where he needed a mere 73 seconds to submit veteran fighter Ben Fuimaono for the Showdown Fights heavyweight belt.

Copeland may have four submission wins on his resume, but he’s content to stand and bang with opponents. He’ll have his hands full with Jorgensen, who has turned in more finishes via strikes. However, Jorgensen tends to seek the takedown more often than his opponent, and he also has a knack for rocking opponents and then pouncing on them. When he gets opponents to the mat, Jorgensen tends to smother them and unleash a ground-and-pound attack that can lead to the TKO stoppage.

Jorgensen should have Copeland outclassed on the feet, and Copeland doesn’t have the skills to get the former wrestler and defensive lineman to the mat, where he can work for a submission. Jorgensen’s striking isn’t the most technical, but he should be able to sneak punches past Copeland’s defenses and rattle the Grudge fighter. If Copeland eats a shot and falls to the mat, Jorgensen won’t waste any time in taking the top position. From there, the 29-year-old will use his ground-and-pound arsenal to soften up and eventually finish Copeland.

Other key bouts: Jarred Mercado (11-1) vs. Daniel Swain (11-3), Chris Heatherly (7-1) vs. Josh Cavan (9-3), Marion Reneau (3-1) vs. Maureen Riordon (0-0), Eric Shelton (4-0) vs. Sid Bice (2-0)

Roshambo 3: In the Cage

Sleeman Sports Centre in Chandler, Queensland, Australia
Event Date: July 26
Website: roshambo-mma.com.au
Watch Event: pay-per-view stream at Fight Web
Twitter: @RoshamboMma

Spotlight Fight:
Jessy Rose “Jessy Jess” Clark (4-1) vs. Lana Kate (2-1)

The last time MMA fans saw Jessy Jess in action, she was busy claiming women’s bantamweight gold in the XFC Australia promotion. Now, just over a month later, she’s seeking more gold for her trophy case. This time it’s the Roshambo women’s bantamweight crown. Her opponent is fellow Australian Lana Kate.

Jess has a kickboxing background and a pair of TKO victories on her five-fight resume, but she typically uses her striking to set up takedowns and an aggressive ground game. Jess debuted in 2012 and picked up two victories before dropping a unanimous decision to Kyra Purcell, a larger opponent who was able to defend against Jess’s takedowns. The Integrated MMA fighter has rebounded with wins in her two most recent fights, including the title win over Kate Da Silva.

Kate is a fellow Australian who trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 10th Planet, but comes from a Muay Thai background. She made her pro MMA debut in 2012 with a loss to Helen Malone. Her other two fights came against the same fighter, Amy Adam, and resulted in a split decision victory in their first meeting and a third-round TKO finish in their rematch. She has not fought since May 2013.

Jess’s biggest struggles came against Purcell, who frustrated Jess on the feet and prevented her from scoring takedowns. Kate could present similar problems for Jess. “The Black Mamba” likes to go for takedowns of her own, and she demonstrated her ability to use leverage to avoid getting taken down in her rematch with Adam. The knock against Kate, however, is that she has really only defeated one opponent. Jess upped her game with the victory over Da Silva and has a deeper resume. The real test will lie in whether she can get Kate to the mat.

Whereas Da Silva presented an opponent that played right into the strengths in Jess’s game, Kate plays right into Jess’s biggest weakness. Jess will attack with takedown attempts, but she won’t find much success. There’s a good chance that Kate lands on top off of reversals, then garners points with her ground-and-pound attack. It’ll be enough to allow Kate to take the hard-fought decision win.

Other key bouts: Alex Volkanovski (6-1) vs. Jai Bradney (15-9-1) for the lightweight title, Joe Ray (10-3) vs. Steven Kennedy (15-6) for the welterweight title, Shauna Carew (3-1) vs. Ginny Connors (1-2) for the 100-pound women’s title, Brentin Mumford (6-1) vs. Dean Purdon (4-4)

ProFC 54: Neman Challenge

Alpha Centauri Club in Grodno, Belarus
Event Date: July 26
Website: Facebook/ProfcLeague
Twitter: @profc_MMA

Spotlight Fight:
Vladimir Katyhin (24-5-1) vs. Vincent del Guerra (21-11)

ProFC’s 54th offering is headlined by a middleweight title fight between Renat Lyatifov and Shamil Abdulkhalikov, but the more interesting fight in the lineup is the clash between another pair of 185-pounders, Vladimir Katyhin and Vincent del Guerra.

Katyhin has been a very active fighter since his 2009 debut. The 33-year-old competed has competed at least six times per year since 2010, and even fought nine times in a single year in 2011. His first two losses came within his first five pro fights, and both losses were at the hands of notable opponents (Beslan Isaev and Shamil Zavurov). He suffered two of his remaining losses in 2011 and has gone 13-1 over his last 14 fights. The Ukrainian fighter tends to leave himself open to counters or get drawn into slugfests on the feet, but he has notched five wins by some form of knockout. His talent really shines on the mat, where has has scored 15 submission wins despite a sometimes sloppy top game that leaves him prone to reversals.

Del Guerra is a solid veteran opponent for Katyhin, but he’s also coming off a stretch of three losses in four outings. The French fighter, who is based out of MK Legion and Team Warriors, tends to be wild in his stand-up attack, surging forward with punches in the hopes of setting up the takedown. When he does get the fight to the ground, though, he has a bad habit of giving up top position. “The Warrior” has eight striking finishes and 10 victories via submission, but he has also suffered seven submission losses and a pair of TKO defeats.

At first glance, this might seem like a showcase fight for Katyhin, who sports a prospect’s record of 24-5-1. However, Katyhin isn’t exactly topping the best opposition out there. The middleweight’s last five wins came against opponents who combine for a current record of 5-18. Meanwhile, his only loss came against an opponent who is now 14-3. Del Guerra has made fights against the likes of Bola Omoyele and Jake Bostwick competitive, and he could provide Katyhin with a significant challenge. Yet, del Guerra isn’t strong enough in the grappling department to overcome Katyhin’s top control. The Ukrainian might be sloppy while he’s on top, but del Guerra hasn’t displayed much urgency to reverse when he’s on bottom.

Del Guerra and Katyhin will engage in some wild striking exchanges. The French fighter might duck under for a takedown, but even if he lands on top, he won’t remain there for long. Katyhin has a lengthy list of submission victories, and he’s quite capable of reversing del Guerra and scrambling to take the 24-year-old’s back. Given del Guerra’s history of succumbing to submissions, it’s only a matter of time before Katyhin sinks in a rear-naked choke or snags one of del Guerra’s arms for the finish.

Other key bouts: Renat Lyatifov (27-16) vs. Shamil Abdulkhalikov (9-3) for the middleweight title, Dmitry Voitov (9-3) vs. Kamil Roszak (4-2), Milan Zerjal (5-0) vs. Alexander Shabliy (9-2), Xavier Foupa-Pokam (28-19) vs. Boris Miroshnichenko (11-6)