UFC President Dana White’s relentless pursuit of getting Gina Carano to the UFC has the potential to create a huge firestorm of criticism. And that’s before she even steps foot in the Octagon.

White expects a deal to be done soon, which would give the UFC plenty of time to set up a title fight with Ronda Rousey to cap off 2014. Even if a scheduling conflict makes it so Carano and Rousey don’t face off in December, odds are that Carano will still get the next title shot in the division.

The first problem is, of course, the fact that Carano hasn’t been in an MMA fight since 2009. That’s right, the UFC wants the next title challenger in the UFC women’s bantamweight division to be a fighter that hasn’t competed in over five years. We don’t even know if Carano has been training at the same level as before, given that she attempted to become a film star during her time away from the sport. Oh, and don’t forget to add the fact that Carano lost in her last fight back in 2009. Not only did she lose, she was so soundly beaten that even Jim Ross would’ve said, “Good god almighty!”

The UFC and White have completely ignored the list of credible challengers to Rousey’s throne in an attempt to put together a Carano-Rousey fight. Holly Holm has finally signed with the UFC, and although she doesn’t have a ton of experience in MMA, her credentials in other combat sports more than make up for it. Cat Zingano originally earned a title shot after taking out Miesha Tate, but an injury coupled with personal tragedy have sidelined her until recently. Still, Zingano would be a worthy title challenger, especially over someone like Carano. Then, there’s the elephant in the room, Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.

White and Rousey have taken turns tagging each other in discussions to completely discredit Cyborg as a legit women’s MMA fighter. White continually brings up Justino’s failed drug test from 2011 as if it happened yesterday, despite the fact that everyone else has moved on. This also despite the fact White has been more than happy to employ other fighters that have failed multiple drug tests in the past. If Cyborg can make weight for her bantamweight debut in Invicta later this year, White will have virtually no excuses as to why a Cyborg vs. Rousey fight shouldn’t happen. Well, of course, except for the one reason a Carano-Rousey fight is being so focused on by the UFC brass: marketability.

Carano and Rousey are both attractive females and, for most people, Cyborg isn’t. Putting Carano and Rousey on a pre-fight hype tour would do wonders for any card they’re put on. Carano is well known from her Strikeforce days and time in Hollywood. And despite being a newbie to the film industry, Rousey is also likely to become a name that is more known following the release of the upcoming The Expendables 3 later this summer.

Looks over talent. It’s a notion that’s come under fire from fellow female fighters. But despite the backlash that would come with it, the UFC is more than prepared to endure the criticism if it means a big payday.

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Kyle Symes
Staff Writer

Kyle is a recent graduate of Aurora University, where he obtained a Bachelor's in Communications. Kyle resides in Illinois, just outside of Chicago. He played baseball and football in both high school and college, but is now focusing on an amateur MMA career.

  • Cap-em-all

    Props to Kyle for writing outside of his weight class. Looks like his MMA training is going well, not sure by the pic, but he reminds me of yet another couch potato with an opinion. Speculation, opinion, supposition, maybe news will be covered or generated IF there is an actual contract signed by Carano. More than likely she likes her limbs intact and her pretty face untouched. The rest of us do, so best to stay away. Rousey is like a mean dog in the neighbor’s yard. Stop poking at it with a stick, or you’re going to get mauled. Give Cat the chance she deserves, let her walk through Nunes and move her into the next open fight. If Rousey can eliminate her with style, then she’s ready for Cryborg. We are all waiting for that mess. That’s the fight. However it turns out we’ll then see Holly Holm literally kick the shit out of the champ, and have her time. She can out-bash either of those two, and decimate them both with kicks. Time for a new queen. Long Live the Queen.

  • yamhead

    i’m huge rousey fan but i have no interest in a rousey carano fight. Zingano,Nunes,Holm, Mcmann 2 , Lauren taylor are all fightss I much prefer to see.

  • Nabi

    Pass it on, high and low, boycott Rousey vs Carano, do not give the UFC 2 cents for this B.S. Send a message to Dana that he can be over ruled by the fans!