Everyone has a story, but not everyone has a means of conveying it. For some, a televised platform provides the most appropriate means for a person to convey their story in a proper context to the rest of the word. The exposure through the television outlets allows a multitude of people to see what that person has experienced, which allows them to connect in a variety of different ways to what they have seen.

This weekend, Spike TV will air the series premiere of its show Gym Rescue. The, show in a similar vein to “Bar Rescue”, will feature a number of gyms across the world, all in need of some drastic change and rejuvenation. The show will be hosted by Frank Shamrock and Randy Couture, who will look to breathe new life into these struggling gyms. Of course, with fans knowing about Shamrock and Couture from Bellator MMA’s “Fight Master”, everything would eventually fall into place for Shamrock to return to Spike as part of the “Gym Rescue” series.

“It was one of those weird life thingamajigs,” Shamrock told The MMA Corner, “it was after I did Fight Master with Randy, and it was on Fight Master that I think the Spike guys saw me on camera in more of a reality-type setting for the first time, and they really thought I’d be a good addition to the Gym Rescue show. So they asked me to come on, and next thing you know, I’m wearing business attire and yelling at people.”

Those looking for a taste of what to expect can see a preview for the show on Spike’s website. Having competed against the likes of Tito Ortiz and Nick Diaz in his career, “The Legend” knows that altercations can come with the territory of being a professional athlete in a combat sport, even after one hangs the gloves up, and plenty can be expected on this first season of the series. At the end of the day, though, Shamrock feels that the audience will be able to get a deeper look at the owners of these gyms and their passion for their profession.

“It’s not a bad gig,” Shamrock said, “and I don’t want to yell at people, but you know, it’s so stressful, these shows, and so emotional. You’re just pulling back the curtain on someone’s lives, their livelihood, and all their problems, and they just get so mad and people want to fight. They don’t want the truth known and they get embarrassed, but what an emotional rollercoaster. I think a lot of people are going to see the show and be like, ‘Wow, I never knew gyms had those problems or people with that passion running them.’”

Spike’s preview of the show spotlighted a situation involving a gym owner named Craig, who eventually gets frustrated with Couture and Shamrock, shoving the latter in the heat of the conflict. Couture and Shamrock found a variety of things wrong with the place, and of course, they caused less than positive reactions from the two, but Shamrock found himself the most taken aback by the shove more than anything else.

“That was Craig, and yeah, he full-on shoved me, which I don’t know why; obviously, I made him angry, but I was just calling him on his BS. I mean, he said he stayed up all night fixing his gym and doing stuff. There was raw metal exposed, literally hanging out at foot level. Yeah, he shoved me, and I was blown away. I couldn’t believe that. I come from a world where, if you shove another guy and you get into a physical altercation, that’s how you settle these things, but it just blew me away that, being on live television, you have to deal with that, and I wanted to leave. I wanted to instantly get done and I told Randy, ‘I’m done. Why are we helping this guy? He’s a knucklehead.’ But he calmed me down, and we ended up going back and doing the right thing, but what a challenging day at work when a guy jaws off and shoves you.”

If the preview indicates anything, fans of shows like Bar Rescue will be in for an emotional rollercoaster and then some, but what about those that may not watch shows like Bar Rescue, or anything in the same general vein as its counterpart? It goes without saying at this point that Couture and Shamrock will look suave in some serious business attire, and of course, nobody would expect anything less of two former UFC light-heavyweight champions. Besides the clean clothes, though, the biggest expectation will come in what these two MMA legends do for the gyms and the communities that help support them.

“Besides seeing Randy and I in business attire, which rarely happens, I think people will be really intrigued by what types of people run these gyms, what type of problems they have, and what type of problems they let happen, and then how they deal with it and how it gets resolved. It all comes down to the resolution, ave we helped the community, and are they going to do anything about it, and we’ll see.”

Gym Rescue premieres Aug. 10, 10/9c on Spike TV.


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