During the infamous Strikeforce brawl in Nashville where Nick Diaz et. al jumped Jason “Mayhem” Miller inside the cage, Gus Johnson said the line that has, for better or worst, became part of mixed martial arts lexicon: “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

In this edition of “Sometimes these things happen in MMA,” we are going to take a look back at one of the most rare occurrences in MMA: the self knockout.

For the first instance of this spectacular feat, we are going to take a trip back to UFC 43. That evening, Olympic silver metalist Matt “The Law” Lindland faced off against UFC newcomer Falaniko Vitale. Lindland took control of the fight early and was easily having his way with Vitale. Then around the two minute mark of the first round, Lindland went for  a belly-to-belly suplex. Somehow during the ill-fated takedown attempt, their bodies twisted and Lindland ended up landing on the crown of his dome, knocking himself out cold. Afterwards, Vitale started to celebrate like he actually did something to win the fight.

How do you even begin to justify that you did anything whatsoever to win a fight when your opponent does all the work for you? I don’t know either, but Vitale tried his best. They would rematch at UFC 45 and Lindland cruised to an easy third round TKO victory.

In an equally strange—or perhaps ever stranger—incident, Kevin Randleman was scheduled to defend his newly acquired UFC heavyweight title against Pedro Rizzo at UFC 24. While warming up in the dressing room, Randleman slipped on a pipe, planted his dome on the concrete floor, and was taken to a local hospital where it was determined that he had suffered a concussion.

Why the hell was there a pipe on the floor in the vicinity where Randleman was warming up in the first place? Was he warming up in a maintenance closet or something? Did Mark Coleman say “Hey, look at this concrete floor and tripping hazards. This is the perfect place for you to warm up! What could possibly go wrong?”

Now back to the actual story. As a result of the backstage mishap, the main event between Randleman and Rizzo was canceled. As a result, the fans were unknowingly treated to a main event between Tedd Williams and Steve Judson, which Williams won by TKO in the first round. It wasn’t until after the fight that the crowd was informed of what happened earlier in the evening and the event was a wrap, son!

To the surprise of many, not many fans in attendence asked for refunds. Direct TV, the only company airing UFC pay-per-views at the time, refused to offer replays of the event because of the lack of the advertised main event.

The self knockout has not occurred in a major promotion since the Lindland fiasco that I am aware of, but sometimes these things, do in fact, happen in MMA.

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