On ESPN’s Friday Night Fights this past week, viewers witnessed one of the most pathetic things someone can do in any sport.

Inside the ring, 2008 Olympic silver metalist Zhang Zhilei faced off against unheralded journeyman Curtis Tate. Zhilei was making his professional debut, while Tate was sporting an unremarkable 7-4 record.

It is practically common place for potential prospects to be put up against soft opposition in states with soft commissions to get a glossy, albeit completely pointless, record before taking bigger fights. In theory, a fighter with a 20something-0 record is more marketable than an amateur with hundreds of fights and a limited pro record. But that’s another story for another time. However, in this situation, the way Zhilei was guaranteed a victory in his professional debut was nothing short of disgusting.

The bell rang and Zhilei started going to work. After not landing a series of insignificant punches, Zhilei landed an absolutely thunderous right hand to Tate’s shoulder that sent him crumbling to the mat. The referee then immediately step in and called a halt to the fight. And just like that, Zhilei began his professional career undefeated.

But back to the “knockout.” The dive was so blatant that commentator and boxing Hall of Fame member Teddy Atlas proclaimed Tate had a “glass shoulder.”

There have been endless cries over the years that MMA is fixed. However, these claims have always been made without a shred of evidence. Take a look at the short video above. It is proof positive, at least in this case, “the fix” is still very much alive in the sport of boxing.


H/T Joe.ie