During the infamous Strikeforce brawl in Nashville where Nick Diaz et. al jumped Jason “Mayhem” Miller inside the cage, Gus Johnson said the line that has, for better or worst, became part of mixed martial arts lexicon: “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

In this week’s edition of “Sometimes these things happen in MMA,” we are going to take a look back at the greatest fight in the history of MMA: Jose Canseco vs Hong Man Choi.

Of course I am being sarcastic when I call this “the greatest fight in the history of MMA.” For real, how can you take any MMA fight seriously that includes that attention whore, self-admitted steroid using Jose Canseco? Throw Hong Man Choi in to the ring with him and you are set to witness something truly great. 

And when I say something truly great, I really mean a horrible car wreck. You know, the kind that you know you shouldn’t look at, but you still drive by it really, really slow to catch a glimpse of the carnage.

In the opening bout of the Super Hulk tournament, Canseco made his way to the ring with a baseball bat.

Yes, a baseball bat.

Perhaps DREAM officials should have made special rules that allowed Canseco to use that bat to make it a fair fight, just like the special rules PRIDE made anytime Royce Gracie fought. Needless to say, Choi dished out a pseudo-ass whooping that made Canseco look like an absolute fool. But then again, when you are Jose Canseco, you’ll do anything for money. Perhaps instead of going all the way to Japan for a few yen, he could have got a few more chumps to pay $3000 to spend the day watching Canseco eat, sleep, and (allegedly) shove needles in his ass.

While the rest of the tournament was bad, none of the fights were nearly as bad as this match. In the end, it would be “Minowaman” who would go on to win the Super Hulk tournament.

Here’s a useless fact for you. Fedor Emelianenko is the linear Super Hulk champion. Forget the PRIDE heavyweight championship; this is Fedor’s true claim to fame.

While freak show fights were once common place in Japan, nothing topped—or will ever—top this. You know, because sometimes these things happen in MMA.


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