Jones has given fans plenty of reason to call him fake. When he wrapped his Bentley around a telephone poll after a night of binge drinking shortly after winning the UFC light heayweight title, it seemed like everyone gave him a pass. Many believed he was young, dumb and wrapped up in his new found fame.

The fact of the matter is he drove drunk, put all the other people on the road—along with his passengers—lives in danger.

But he was just young and dumb, because boys will be boys. Right?

Now exit the reckless, immature fighter and enter the pious Christian. Jones has always been quick to praise God for all of all of his success.

Lately, it seems the real Jon Jones as started to find his way to the masses. A few months back, he followed one of his followers, former UFC fighter Tyson Griffin, and then quickly unfollowed him just to talk crap to Griffin. The important part of this is the fact he unfollowed Griffin. By doing that, Jones could talk all the crap he wanted in private without giving Griffin the chance to respond privately. Griffin went ahead and took screenshots of the messages Jones sent him, all of which were down right demeaning and absolutely uncalled for.

Yes, I’m sure talking crap to people when they can’t respond is exactly what God had in mind for Jones.

A couple of weeks ago, there were a pair of incidents involving his next opponent, Daniel Cormier. First, there was the brawl that broke out during a media appearance. Sure, you can blame Cormier for shoving Jones first, but if Jones were truly the better man, he would have just laughed it off and waited until their fight to beat up Cormier. You’ve all seen the video, so there’s no need to explain what happened.

Then when Jones thought the cameras were off after he and Cormier were doing a promo on ESPN, Jones started to provoke Cormier by calling him a “pussy” and saying “I’ll kill you. I’ll literally kill you.”

Yup, you nailed it Jon. Calling someone a “pussy” and threatening to kill them when you think nobody is listening is what God had in mind for you.

Even during the bout between Ryan Bader vs Ovince Saint Preux fight, Jones took to twitter to demean the two fighters. However, in typical Jones fashion, the tweet was quickly deleted.

Just as a quick reminder. Jones has ” Philippians 4:13″ tattooed on his right shoulder/pectoral. In the New Testament, Philippians 4:13 reads ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Recklessly drive while totally trashed. Talking endless crap to people when they can’t respond back or you think people can’t hear you. Threaten to kill another human being.

Hell yeah! That’s what Christ gave you the strength to do! Maybe he forgot to read the other 181,243 words in the New Testament to figure out exactly what that passage means. Or maybe he’s a fake Christian. Either one is a viable option.

But back to the off-camera exchange between Jones and Cormier. After being called a pussy by Jones, Cormier responded with this:

“You’re just the fakest person. I actually admire that you can be this fake…”

No truer words have ever been spoken.


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