During the infamous Strikeforce brawl in Nashville where Nick Diaz et. al jumped Jason “Mayhem” Miller inside the cage, Gus Johnson said the line that has, for better or worst, became part of mixed martial arts lexicon: “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

This week’s edition of “Sometimes these things happen in MMA” has absolutely nothing to do with MMA. However, it is so damn bizarre that it’s impossible to ignore. Let me introduce you to the double KO via nut shots.

Yes, two opponents knocked out each other by kneeing the other in the balls. Now, to make this story even more bizarre: the fight happened in a church.

Yup, you read that right. A church in New York held a Muay Thai kickboxing event. Human beings beating the crap out of one-another in a house of God.

Everyone knows many fighters are quick to praise God after beating the living shit out of someone inside a cage, but damn. This is taking it to a whole new level.

Would God approve of this kind of action? I was under the assumption that God was for love and peace for all. I’m assuming he’s thinking “What in my name are they doing in my house?”

If you want to watch the fight and the aftermath in its entire awesomeness, click the video above.

On a side note—I’ve spoken with UFC Hall of Fame member Dan Severn on many occasions. During one of our talks, he was telling me about how a group of young adults would have MMA matches in the basement of the church he attended. They did have a rule that you could not strike with a closed fist, but everything else was fair game.

The really funny part about this is the church was in Arizona. There was a senator by the name of John McCain that attended said church while he was on his crusade to end “human cockfighting” while these brawls were happening right under his nose.

I know I can’t end this with my usual “Sometimes these things happen in MMA” line, so let’s try this: “Sometimes these things happen in combat sports.”

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