It wasn’t long ago that Wanderlei Silva was running from the Nevada State Athletic Commission who attempted to administer a random drug test leading up to his fight with Chael Sonnen at UFC 175.

Now, he’s running from the sport.

In a bizarre turns of events, Silva has officially retired from the sport of mixed martial arts.

In a video released by Silva via YouTube, the 18-year veteran expressed his frustrations with the UFC, failing to shine a light on his current status with the NAC. In his farewell, Silva shares his side of the story leading up to his bout with Sonnen. The release states as follows:

I was being considered to fight on May 31st in Brazil. I told the event I could not fight on May 31st. They [UFC] did not like that. They pressured me a little but it passed. A week after, they called me to have a meeting. They told me I had to fight on that date and offered me a bunch of money. They would pay me extra to fight on that date. So I asked myself, if they have the money why didn’t they offer it to me before? They always hold on to the money, so they always underpay the athletes. But they do have the money.

I said, “Sorry but I won’t take this money because I won’t be in a condition to perform the way my fans expect of me. I can’t fight on that date and I won’t take the money to just go in and perform poorly for my fans. We had another meeting after that and they kept pressuring me. I said I could only fight at the end of the year, they opened their eyes wide: “Only at the end of the year?” I was not in physical condition necessary to fight on the July card. My body wasn’t responding and I couldn’t train the way I needed to.

Silva continued to overshadow his current state with the NAC, repositioning his focus to Renan Barao. Entirely irrelevant, “The Axe Murderer” addressed the UFC’s handling of Barao’s departure in his main event slot at UFC 177, stating, “This revolted me,” said Silva. “This makes me angry and makes me look at the sport in a different way.”

His decision to step away from the sport was verbalized shortly after. With distinct emotion, the long-time veteran shouted, “They are taking away my desire to fight. I don’t feel like fighting anymore when I hear these statements.” And if you thought Silva was finished with his rant, well, it was only heating up. It wasn’t the drift into the moonlight type of retirement, if you will.

Silva continued:

For those reasons I come here today with a very heavy weight in my heart. Today is a very sad day for me. Unfortunately, this organization took away my desire to fight. I can’t do this anymore, I can’t keep being treated like this. And with a heavy heart I come here today to declare: I am stepping down from the ring. After today, Wanderlei Silva will not fight again. My career is over.

The man of many words had much more to share in his 13-minute retirement release. Click here to see the video in its entirety.


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