Often, fans and experts of the mixed martial arts world herald a select crop of men and women as potential superstars in the making. Some prospects never live up to that potential at all, while others either live up to that potential or supersede it. It takes a special breed of athlete to come in with the kind of potential that comes due in large part to acquiring an unheard-of professional record while still young.

Julio Cesar Neves represents that rare breed. During tonight’s Bellator 125 online preliminaries, Neves defeated Poppies Martinez in a featherweight contest. Neves delivered a spinning back kick and some ground and pound in the earlier part of round 1, but Martinez survived. Still, Neves would finish the fight later on in the round, sticking a big knee and some more swift punches to force the referee’s intervention.

Neves improved to 2-0 in Bellator MMA with the win, and also improved his MMA record to an unreal 30-0. Marinate on that for a moment; as of this writing, Neves acquired 30 wins without a single defeat. Most men struggle to acquire half of that amount of wins without a single loss.

Of course, a prospect with up to 20 wins and no losses certainly does not shock anyone these days, but Neves differs from any other once-unbeaten prospect. Beyond the fact that Neves has been a workhorse throughout his career, as evidenced by the fact that his undefeated tear includes wins that came within just days of each other, we must also unveil the scary truth about Neves, which is that despite his streak and the experience he gained from those bouts in his native Brazil, what he showed tonight only served as a small taste of his end potential in this sport.

The 20 year-old product of the Renovacao Fight Team benefits greatly from his young age, as time will stay on his side while he works to close up whatever holes he holds in his game. As long as he continues to improve, his future in the sport may turn out as bright as any highly-touted featherweight prospect in the sport today, if not brighter.

Only time will tell. But one thing’s for certainthe sky’s the limit for Neves.


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Dale De Souza is a 22-year-old kid straight out of Texas, who grew up around Professional Wrestling but embraced the beauty of Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports at a young age. Dale is a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report MMA, a writer at The MMA Corner.

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    sick fight. This kid has a bright future