In the second of two fight cards on Saturday, October 4, the UFC will travel to Halifax, Canada, for UFC Fight Night 54: MacDonald vs. Saffiedine.

UFC Fight Night 54 will go underway at the Scotiabank Centre beginning at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT and can be seen on FOX Sports 1.

The highly-anticipated card will be headlined by Canada’s own, Rory MacDonald, who is just a sole win away from potentially earning a welterweight title shot. The only man standing between MacDonald and a shot at gold is fellow 170-pounder, Tarec Saffiedine. Saffiedine earned a chance to dance with MacDonald following a ‘Fight of the Night’ performance over Hyun Gyu Lim earlier this year.

MacDonald and Saffiedine won’t be the only ones to enter the Octagon on October 4, and The MMA Corner’s Josh Davis (12-9) and Garrett Derr (13-8) are here to break down the main card for you.



Elias Theodorou vs. Bruno Santos

Davis: Opposites attract. That’s in the real world, of course. In this sport, you never know what you’re going to get. Here is a prime example of two guys that are just exact opposites in everything they do. This fight could go two directions fairly quicklyhere’s to hoping it’s not a snoozer. We’ll see the judge’s scorecards in this one.

Prediction: Theodorou by Decision

Derr: This is one of those main card bouts that wouldn’t see the light of day in Vegas. Santos might just be the most monotonous fighter on the UFC roster. He hasn’t finish an opponent in over six years, but he finds a way to win. Theodorou is the polar opposite. This guy has dynamite for fists and can endure a beating of his own. It’s likely Santos will play it safe and Theodorou will go for the finish. I doubt he’ll find it, but he’ll do enough to edge his opponent across the judge’s scorecards.

Prediction: Theodorou by Decision


Chad Laprise vs. Yosdenis Cedeno

Davis: Many of the mainstream fans have not the slightest clue who either fighter is, but they will after Saturday evening. While neither fighter has any significant accomplishments in the sport thus far, they both have the skills to compete at this level. We’ll see two guys with nothing to lose, looking to earn their way up the ladder. Unfortunately it will be Cedeno that falls down the ladder, and Laprise who climbs it.

Prediction: Laprise by Decision

Derr: Laprise has yet to lose a fight in his career. He’s also yet to fight someone with a Wikipedia page. Not judging, but, come on, man. Cedeno is a dangerous matchup for Laprise. It’s not necessarily his skill set that frightens his opponents, but rather his lack of discernment. Cedeno would rather be compelling in defeat than earn a lackluster decision win. I think Cedeno will be swinging for the hills, but Laprise will avoid the knockout blow. I see Laprise escaping by the skin of his teeth.

Prediction: Laprise by Decision


Raphael Assuncao vs. Bryan Caraway

Davis: Coming off of his season of the Ultimate Fighter, I always thought that Caraway was overrated and a mid-tier fighter at best. However, he has done his best to prove me wrong, racking up some solid wins in the UFC. If he can beat Assuncao, then that will be the end of Josh Davis. Luckily for me, that will not happen. Caraway will put up a fight, but Assuncao is going to put Caraway is his place, and continue his climb towards a title shot.

Prediction: Assuncao by TKO, Round 2

Derr: Caraway might be the biggest tool since Craftman released their newest drill, but the guy has natural aptitude. Disregard a contentious decision loss to Takeya Mizugaki, Caraway hasn’t lost since joining the UFC. Unfortunately for Caraway, he doesn’t exactly matchup well against the red-hot, Assuncao. I was a believer that Assuncao should have filled Joe Soto’s shoes against TJ Dillashaw at UFC 177. In fact, Assuncao has been the only man to defeat the current bantamweight champ, since John Dodson in 2011. Assuncao will control the pace and overwhelm Caraway with his strength. Caraway could bank a large check for ‘Fight of the Night’, but it will be Assuncao’s hand raised when all is said and done.

Prediction: Assuncao by Decision


Rory MacDonald vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Davis: I have been saying for years, that MacDonald will be champion and that time will come very soon. This fight is nothing more than a training session for MacDonald. The fight is in Canada and the UFC gave him a gift to keep him busy. While Safferdine is no push over, and won’t lay down for MacDonald, he still is not one of the division’s elite. Look for MacDonald to start slow before finding his range and getting the finish.

Prediction: McDonald by TKO, Round 2

Derr: It’s only a matter of time until MacDonald’s waist is strapped with the UFC’s welterweight title. The Tristar product is in the passing lane on the way to a shot against the winner of Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler. We know it’s coming, yet no one seems to want to discuss this possibility. The only man standing in his way is Saffiedine, who in turn, isn’t too far away from a shot at gold himself. As critical as it may sound, Saffiedine faces a huge disadvantage in the fact that he can’t finish his opponents. MacDonald will work his kicks and jabs, until he decides to put Saffiedine on the mat. Then it’s all ground-and-pound from there. MacDonald cashes in his first finish since UFC 145 and becomes the well-deserved No.1 contender in the division.

Prediction: MacDonald by KO, Round 3



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