During the infamous Strikeforce brawl in Nashville where Nick Diaz et. al jumped Jason “Mayhem” Miller inside the cage, Gus Johnson said the line that has, for better or worst, became part of mixed martial arts lexicon: “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

This week’s edition of “Sometimes these things happen in MMA”  we are gong to take a look back at one of the things everyone who was watching would love to forget: Dennis Hallman’s wardrobe malfunction.

It was UFC 133: Evans vs. Ortiz. Dennis Hallman had the pleasure of facing off against Brian “TWAS” Ebersole, the man with the greatest manscaping in the entire world.

That night, Hallman decided to wear an itsy bitsy teeny weenie…purple Speedo. Yes, Hallman channeled his inner Minowaman to bring back fighting attire that had not been seen inside the UFC Octagon since the days that Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn reigned supreme. What possessed him to do so is a question that will be pondered for all eternity, but in retrospect, we can all agree it was a horrible idea.

Shortly into their match, Ebersole took Hallman down to the mat. From there, things got very, very ugly…and very NSFL.

While on the ground Hallman’s little Hallmans decided they needed to get some fresh air. To the dismay of everyone watching, the camera angle was just right and we all got to see full frontal male nudity.

To the delight of all—including UFC President Dana White—Ebersole was able to smash Hallman’s dome with elbows to earn a first round TKO victory.

After the match, White made reference to the fact that he had no idea what Hallman was thinking wearing the Speedo, nobody in the UFC would ever wear one again, and he wanted to give Ebersole an extra bonus for finishing the fight as quickly as he did.

Thankfully, there hasn’t been another male wardrobe malfunction inside the Octagon since that fateful night back on August 6, 2011. While these things have happened in MMA, let’s all hope it never, EVER happens again.

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