Bellator is keeping it real.

Keeping it real as in six consecutive weekends with a fight card with no end in sight.

This weekend is no run-of-the-mill as Bellator 128 will find its home at the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, OK, on Friday, October 10. Prelims will begin at 7 pm here on the East Coast on Spike TV. The main card is set to begin at 9 pm EST.

Bantamweight champ, Eduardo Dantas, is back at it when he throws his gold up for grabs against current interim title holder, Joe Warren, in a 135-pound brawl.

The MMA Corner’s Josh Davis (16-9) and Garrett Derr (17-8) are here to make their predictions for every main card fight.



Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Dakota Cochrane

Davis: On another day, I might be giving you a different prediction, but under present circumstances, here it is.  I am fan of Cochranehe’s a solid fighter and a game competitor. In this case however, I question how game Cochrane will be.  He is taking this fight on short notice and Sarnavskiy is no pushover. Sarnavskiy has the submission skills to send this fight into a frenzy for fight fans. Unfortunately for Cochrane, I think this is a fight he should have passed up.

Prediction: Sarnavskiy by TKO, Round 3

Derr: Cochrane is a well-reputable late placement if there is such a thing. It’s unknown how prepared Cochrane will be heading into this fight with Sarnavskiybut one thing’s for certainhe’ll need to finish his opponent to win this fight. Sarnavskiy has never been finished in his career and is exceedingly well-rounded in comparison to Cochrane. This could be an evenly-matched brawl, but the advantage goes to the Russian.

Prediction: Sarnavskiy by Decision



Bubba McDaniel vs. Emiliano Sordi

Davis: Obviously I have a soft spot for McDaniel as he will always be a part of ‘The MMA Corner’ family, but if I am being honest and unbiased, he has never lived up to his potential.  In the gym, this guy is a workhorse.  He trains hard, he works hard and he is instrumental in helping his teammates prepare for fights.  Unfortuantely, none of that has turned into any real success in the fight game.  Sordi hits hard and if he catches McDaniel, it will be lights out. My head says Sordi will find the way to get the knockout.

Prediction: Sordi by TKO, Round 2

Derr: I remember setting this guy up to blog for us when he came through the Ultimate Fighter. He kind of wet the bed then, and his Octagon experience was no different. McDaniel is the train that never couldat least during his time in the UFC. But Bubba is a new man with a new promotion. He squares up with a guy who lacks the blue-chip experience. McDaniel’s submission game is far superior than Sordi’s. Look for that to be the deciding factor.

Prediction: McDaniel by Submission, Round 2



Michael Page vs. Nah-Shon Burrell

Davis: When Bellator wants to keep a guy fresh, they give him a fight that he should win, and that is exactly the case here.  While Burrell was relevant back when I still had hair, he is certainly not relevant now.  Page, on the other hand, is Mr. Relevant.  This guy has been putting a lashing on anyone and everyone. Page’s striking game is improving every time out. Burrell has decent standup, but not the equivalent to his opponent’s.

Prediction: Page by TKO, Round 2

Derr: I remember when Burrell was a contender with Strikeforce and made the transition to the UFC. It’s fair to say his best days are far behind him. Burrell enters in fresh off a devastating knockout loss earlier this March. His luck got that much worse as he faces Page, who hasn’t let an opponent escape the first round of action thus far in his 7-fight career. This one will be no different. War Page.

Prediction: Page by KO, Round 1



Eduardo Dantas vs. Joe Warren

Davis: Warren truly does believe that he is the baddest man on the planet.  Now, I won’t go as far as to say that I agree with Warren, but what I will say is that he has shown a resurgence as of late.  Warren’s striking has improved immensely since working with Krux Marc Montoya, and more importantly, he has gone back to using his wrestling to dictate the pace of his fights.  Dantas, on the other hand, has world class submission skills and will happily test Warren’s wrestling skills.  In the end, though, I believe Warren will be able to use his wrestling to control the fight and earn the victory.

Prediction: Warren by Decision

Derr: Some seem to think Dantas is a definite shoe-in this Friday night. Not so fast, fight fans. Warren has fought in those stupendous type of fights and lacks no experiencehe even beat Joe Sotoand we all know Joe Soto, right? On a more serious note, this could be one for the ages. Warren’s wrestling is superb, which will make things interesting with Dantas’ submission game. Warren will hold his own, that I can promise. But will he go as far as to knockoff the best 135-pounder outside of the UFC? I can’t wrap my mind around it.

Prediction: Dantas by Submission, Round 4



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