Step by step, one fight to the next, the opportunities in RFA have served as a major platform for building fighter’s careers, working towards their aspirations competing in the UFC. Live from the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota, the upcoming RFA 19 will be no exception as every competitor on the card looks to take a big step closer to cementing their status as a future star in MMA.

From the days of raging war on the Lacrosse field to completing contract hits in the octagon, there seems to be nothing stopping Dan “Hitman” Moret on his mission to become the top featherweight in the world. Since his start as an amateur in 2009, Moret has lived up to the infamous nickname given to him by his former lacrosse coach. Dominating all of his opponents, whether it’s by TKO or submission tactics, Moret has become a specialist at taking competitors out, earning him an unblemished record and leading to his current rise in the RFA ranks.

However things don’t always go according to plan, especially in Mixed Martial Arts. Undergoing an experience he has never encountered in his four-year run in the fight game, his defeat at RFA 13 to Luke Sanders handed Moret the first loss of his career. Unfazed by the setback, the loss has motivated Moret in his push to becoming a better, more aggressive fighter. “The loss to Sanders really motivated me,” said Moret. ” I learned from the moment I step in the cage, I have to get in and work toward finishing my opponent.”

Since the fight against Sanders, Moret has been working endlessly, searching for ways of taking his skills to the next level. Travelling to San Diego to be a sparring partner for UFC fighter Myles Jury at Alliance MMA put Dan in the honorary position of training and learning from some of the top elite talents of Bellator and the UFC. “I was brought into Alliance MMA as a training partner for Myles, to helping him prepare for his fight against Mike Ricci. It was a great experience being able to learn from the top guys, which helped with my own improvement as a fighter.”

The time at Alliance MMA had certainly helped Dan Moret. Now back at his home gym “The Academy”, Moret is training hard for his upcoming fight at RFA 19 against Duke Roufus student Jordan Griffin. At 8–3, Griffin has been riding an impressive 2-year winning streak and certainly intends for his RFA debut to be a continuation of that streak.

However, Moret has others plans in mind for welcoming the RufuSports standout to the RFA fight league. Moret is fully confident in his ability to end Griffin’s winning run, and take home the victory.

“Aside from my fights against tougher opponents, everything from my strength, speed, and overall skills in the cage, I feel I have the edge everywhere going into this fight to beat Griffin.”

With a decisive win over Griffin, Moret will undoubtedly place himself as top contender for the featherweight title. The hometown fighter, Moret has no intention of disappointing his supporters as fireworks are bound to fly in this must-watch  featherweight encounter at RFA 19.


Dan Moret would like to thank his family and friends that support him. His team and coaches at The Academy. management at S.E.G. and finally all the sponsors that help him with his training camps, Indigenous Innovations Incorporated, Suzuki, GFuel, Garden of Life, Contract Killer, Revgear, Training Mask, Zebra Mats, Rockwell Watches, Ta’s Salon, Taco Loco,, and War Tape.

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