One of the greatest things about professional wrestling are the shocking moments it delivers to us when we are least expecting it, and let’s face it we really weren’t expecting it this time. The past few weeks have not been the greatest run in the history of WWE programming to put it mildly. With Brock Lesnar’s part-time status and a recent string of injuries the writers have really been scrambling and it came off during the show. This Monday night Raw was in Brooklyn, one of the greatest crowds that you will hear at a WWE show come out in the New York city. This week’s Raw wasn’t anything to write home about either. Until 10 p.m. when his music hit.

“If ya smell what the Rock is cooking” blared over the loud speakers and the building came unglued. This was the first time we had seen The Rock on Raw since before Wrestlemania 29 last year. The Rock returned to confront the seemingly unstoppable Russian sympathizer, Rusev, and his handler, Lana. Who knows if this will lead to another WWE run for The Rock or even a possible match with Rusev at Wrestlemania next year. If I had to guess right now I would say know. Rusev was originally scheduled to face the Big Show on Monday night, but the match was rescheduled presumably because management made the deal with The Rock, who was in New York on other business, earlier on the day of the show. Regardless of if the Rock returns to the ring after this; the moment was perfect. Shocking moments are the perfect way to use these part-time big stars and even though the Rock got the upper hand on Rusev this time, the younger talent still looks like a huge deal when he just shares the ring with the former WWE champion.

Full video of the confrontation is above (video is courtesy of the WWE).

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