Being a Mixed Martial Arts fighter means one must fight and take a stand for what one believes in about themselves. Why not feel unbeatable? Why shouldn’t you feel untouchable? It’s that competitive drive that can take a normal individual to great heights above the rest, turning dreams into reality. There is no denying James “Intensity” Terry’s confidence of being the top dominating force in the welterweight division as he pushes to crossover into that threshold to greatness.

With 14 wins and 7 losses, Terry has been in many battles in his eight-year fight career. Every experience for Terry has been an opportunity to prove to himself and everyone that he is the best. His many victories over respected fight veterans are credited to his hard work and dedication as he takes great pride in being the ultimate competitor.

“The biggest thing I credit my wins to is I work my ass off and have great coaching,” said Terry. “This gives me a big advantage heading into my fight”.

Terry knows the feeling of tasting defeat from a superior opponent and has suffered the subjective scrutiny of having a fight go to the judge’s hands. However, any athlete will tell you that losing presents valuable lessons, too, which have only made Mr. Intensity better through time.

“You definitely learn more from a loss than you do a win. “For instance, my loss to Tarec Saffedine taught me I need to follow through with my game plan and get my boxing better.

“At the same time there are some losses in my career that I didn’t think I lost as I feel I have been the poster boy for bad decisions throughout my career. It is because of this I feel that the criteria and judging needs to change, to build for the next generation of MMA.”

Frustrated with these setbacks, the hurdles haven’t seemed to stop Terry’s ambitions of being the best in the world and capturing a championship belt. In addition, the love for competition is another motivator for his continual push that originates from his wrestling days. With his heart and soul committed to this grueling profession, it is that positive outlook that has carried the NCAA All American through the highs and lows of his career, leading to another history making moment on the near horizon.

Making his return to a bigger fight stage, Terry’s next challenge on October 17 finds him matched up against 36-9 Andre Santos at Bellator 129. Not looking to repeat the aftermath from his last appearance at Bellator 115, Terry has been working endlessly with Eugene Jackson, Dave Camarillo, and his fight team at Cung Lee’s Fight Headquarters, improving all areas of his fight game to ensuring victory over Santos.

“Andre is very tough opponent and I am not expecting this to be an easy fight. However he hasn’t fought the level of competition that I’ve fought in Strikeforce and Bellator, and I am a totally different monster he has yet to encounter. Overall, I’m looking forward to the fight.”

Physically prepared, mentality confident, and a strong support system all come together to form the makings of a great outcome. With a win over Santos at Bellator 129, James Terry will undoubtedly be a top ranked contender in the division, deserving of a future title shot down the line.

“I know I am on the edge of winning a title belt and being one of the best fighters in the world!”

James Terry would like to thank family, friends, coaches, teammates, and all of his sponsors for the support.

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Monta Wiley
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Monta Wiley is an aspiring sports journalist that has covered the world of MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been a regular contributor to US Combat Sports. Monta has a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration from California State University-Los Angeles. Outside of his writing, you can find Monta at the gym honing his BJJ technique.