There was a time when Alistair Overeem was viewed as the best heavyweight fighter in the world.

As a K-1 World Grand Prix Champion and the heavyweight title holder in multiple MMA organizations, Overeem had the resume to support that claim. But man, oh man, was the MMA community wrong about him.

Not only has Overeem not lived up to the hype since joining the UFC, but he has firmly established himself as the biggest disappointment in UFC history. Outside of the beating he put on Brock Lesnar, his Octagon performances have been atrocious.

In all three of his UFC losses, Overeem has been brutally knocked out by his opponents. While that isn’t exactly damming, especially in the heavyweight division, you would think a K-1 Grand Prix Champion would be better at protecting himself.

That’s only a small part of why Overeem has been disappointing though; just look at the division he competes in. The UFC heavyweight division is by far the weakest division in the organization and this so-called elite champion, hasn’t even been close to a title shot.

Sure Overeem fought Antonio Silva in a title eliminator bout and won the first two rounds, but when the pressure was on and Overeem had the opportunity to really send a message, Silva put him to sleep. Silva dug down deep in that third round and showed the will of a warrior, while an overconfident Overeem showed he wasn’t game at all.

In his next outing against Travis Browne, Overeem again got off to a good start, but he couldn’t put Browne away. Once Browne regained his composure, he also put Overeem to sleep.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

Following those two devastating losses, Overeem was able to rebound and defeat former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, but following the bout he called out Lesnar. The same Lesnar who he already destroyed in his UFC debut. The same Lesnar who left the UFC and MMA as a whole to return to the squared circle of the WWE.

Of all the fighters Overeem could have called out in that moment, he chose to call out the one person who posed no threat to him whatsoever. Overeem might as well have called out an incoherent infant at that point. Real champions want to test their skills against the best fighters in the world; Overeem on the other hand wanted to call out someone who had since left the sport entirely.

At this point, Overeem had already established his disappointment status, but he wasn’t done there. In his next bout against UFC journeyman Ben Rothwell, Overeem once again was put to sleep. Make no mistake, Rothwell is tough and he had power, but come on Overeem; elite talents don’t lose to the Rothwell’s of the world.

Overeem is hanging on by a thread right now in the UFC; three losses in five bouts is enough to put anyone on the chopping block, but three knockout losses is a big hurdle to overcome.

Overeem’s next opponent is Stefan Struve who is no world beater by any means, but Overeem has shown that he can make a middle of the road fighter look good. Whether he wins or not at this point doesn’t really matter; Overeem just doesn’t belong in the UFC and the time has come for him to return to the minor leagues.

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