Jose Aldo is without question the best featherweight fighter the sport of MMA has ever seen and he just might be the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.  Aldo is the only featherweight champion that the UFC has ever known and honestly he has never really been in trouble in a fight.  In fact one could argue the most danger Aldo has been in was he was mounted by Mark Hominick for almost four minutes in the 5th round of their title fight but he was never really in any kind of danger in the fight. Yes, other fighters have taken Aldo to a decision but  for the most part Aldo has completely dominated and out-classed everybody that he has faced in the UFC.  Aldo who is currently riding a 17 fight winning streak with 6 UFC title defenses and has not lost since Bush was president will look to add another notch to his belt when he takes on Chad Mendes Saturday October 25, 2014, at UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2.

Aldo defeated Mendes by 1st round knock out in their first fight and wants to show the world that he can do it again.  Mendes on the other hand has been waiting over two years to show the world that he is the better fighter and he should have won the first fight.  If Aldo is going to keep his belt he will have to continue to do the things that he does well and stuff Mendes’ takedown attempts, keep the fight standing, batter Mendes with leg kicks and use his superior striking to dictate the pace of the fight.  If he is able to do this then he will have another successful title defense.  However, if Mendes is able to get some takedowns then this could be a very interesting fight.  Above you can watch Aldo finish the “Korean Zombie” in what could be Jung’s last fight in the UFC. (Video provided by the UFC)

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