Just over a week ago, TheMMACorner brought you an inside look into the life of a Russian fighter with our first installation of “A look into Fight Camp: Russian Edition.”

This week we bring you even deeper into the fight camp of Adlan Amagov, Rustam Khabilov, and Imanali Gamzatkhanov. The in-depth video series is brought to you courtesy of KeyPython Productions and helps to provide fans a look into the lives of these Russian and Dagestani fighters, as they prepare for there respective bouts.

The footage will bring you into the everyday lives of the athletes, so you can get closer to understanding what it’s like to walk in their shoes. The video takes you up close and personal with the athletes bringing you into the gym,  the grocery store, and even into their home as they prepare for their fights and adapt to life in the U.S.

Be sure to check out KeyPython Productions YouTube channel for more behind the scenes footage.

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Michael Davis
Director, Business Development/Senior Staff Writer

Michael Davis is a seasoned professional in the world of finance. In recent years, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies and consulted at one of the largest hedge funds in the world. After working closely with a mixed martial arts management company, he realized he could apply his skills to the sport he loved. The culmination of his professional experience and passion for MMA have led him to his role as Senior Staff Writer and Director of Business Development at The MMA Corner.