The MMA community has been buzzing with news of former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s return to training. Is he coming back? When will he return? It’s all anyone can seem to talk about.

I get it; I’m a huge GSP fan and I would love to see him back in the cage competing, but it’s way too early to tell. GSP is a lifelong martial artist and he is a fitness freak, so him returning to training isn’t surprising at all.

Rather than speculate about if and when he will return, let’s just say that he does make a comeback sometime next year. If that happens, should GSP get an immediate title shot?

It’s a tough question because he is GSP and he is arguably the greatest champion in UFC history, but is that enough to outweigh his time away from the cage? Ring rust is real and the UFC welterweight division is as deep as it gets. It is filled with worthy title challengers. Would it even be fair to throw GSP right into the fire of a title shot?

If GSP comes back to MMA, it should be against a top five opponent but not the champion. Granted if anyone should get an immediate title shot after a sabbatical, it’s GSP, but the smarter play is to let him get his feet back under him in the cage. GSP will need a fight to work the kinks out and get his timing back.

Think about it this way; if GSP comes back and he is immediately thrown into a title fight, the odds of him being rusty and under-performing are high. If he loses, then his popularity will take a hit. But if you bring him back slowly, while at the same time challenging him with top talent, then you set him to become the force and figure he was before he stepped away from the cage.

Right now the UFC could really use the viewership boost GSP would provide, but if they try to rush him back, it could be a serious case of playing with fire.

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RJ Gardner is a rabid sports fan and a long time MMA enthusiast. After watching UFC 1 at ripe old age of 11 RJ was hooked and his passion for the sport has continued to blossom over the years. RJ has been covering MMA since 2007 and has had work featured on Bleacher Report,, and RJ is also a Petroleum Transportation Operations Manager during the day.