Athletes renewing their contracts with certain organizations holds more significance than some might think. In the particular case of athletes that some place among the greatest of all time, the ability to sign them to appear for any number of appearances allows fans the opportunity to enjoy that athlete’s talents for just a little while longer, even if that athlete has slowed down greatly over time.

For seven years, everyone asked the question of whether Anderson “The Spider” Silva could be defeated inside the Octagon. After defeating Rich Franklin for the UFC middleweight belt, Silva developed an aura of invincibility by defeating the likes of Nate Marquardt, Dan Henderson, Yushin Okami, and Chael Sonnen, among others. That aura got shattered, however, with one left hook from undefeated middleweight, Chris Weidman, who now reigns atop the UFC middleweight division as its champion after beating Silva twice last year. Silva lost the rematch due to a broken leg, which he suffered in round two after Weidman handily took the first round.

Fast forward one year, and not only does Silva await a bout at UFC 183 on Super Bowl weekend with Nick Diaz, but he has signed a new 15-fight deal with the UFC. Silva’s spirit is certainly willing to fight on for as long as possible, but even if Silva’s superhuman recovery has allowed him to look like he can fight beyond his upcoming bout with Diaz, is it realistic to think that one of the greatest mixed martial artists of this generation can fight beyond his next assignment?

Had this question been asked a few months ago ago, fans would label someone “crazy” for even thinking that Silva would return to the Octagon, let alone thinking that he would sign on for a 15-fight deal. The more the question gets asked, though, the less crazy it sounds when someone says Silva actually can complete the deal.

Silva knows his body very well, and so he knows more about how far he has really come along in his recovery than does the public. For all of the fun he likes to have before and during fights, he still is smart enough to know that he only has so much left in the tank, and only time will tell exactly how much, but if any man could prove that he had a lot more left than what others believed, “The Spider” could.

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