This weekend is jam-packed with fight cards from all the major promotions and even some of the smaller ones. The UFC alone has two fight cards taking place within 24 hours of each other. Of all of these fights, the one with the most impact on a division is the contest between John “Hands of Stone” Lineker and Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall. The flyweight division is starved of top talent that can pose a legitimate threat to the champ, Demetrious Johnson and the winner of this bout is almost certainly going to be the next number one contender. The importance of this role can’t be denied. If you are challenging for a title you must be able to consistently defend your title (barring injuries) as a professional.

John Lineker has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, having only one defeat in his past six fights. No one can deny his talents and his ability to generate knockouts in a division that is plagued with decisions, but you must question his ability to continue in the weight class considering his recent issues. At the weigh-in’s for his fight this Saturday, he needed more time to get down to 126lbs. He made it, but when he makes weight it isn’t at his first attempt on the scale, it’s always a struggle. What’s worse is since dropping down to flyweight he has missed weight three times. A fighter’s reputation is hindered if they miss weight once and it’s difficult to imagine he would still be in the UFC if he was in a weight class that wasn’t so thin in respect to the roster. As an example, Henry Cejudo recently missed weight and wasn’t able to compete in his debut that was supposed to take place at UFC 177. What happened to Cejudo? The UFC told him he could either go up a weight class or be terminated from his contract.

To quote the official rules and regulations for the sport of mixed martial arts, “ In championship fights, the participants must weigh no more than that permitted for the relevant weight division.” When was the last time Lineker was capable of hitting 125lbs and what makes the matchmaker’s believe he will be able to do so if he comes out the victor this weekend? The division has enough problems as it is and any faith put into Lineker to be a professional in the sense that he shows up on weigh-in day at the proper weight is seemingly ill placed. His skills would serve him well in the Bantamweight Division and the decision to allow him to fight for what is almost a guaranteed number one contender-ship is a troubling business decision made by the executives and matchmakers at the UFC. 

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Michael Davis
Director, Business Development/Senior Staff Writer

Michael Davis is a seasoned professional in the world of finance. In recent years, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies and consulted at one of the largest hedge funds in the world. After working closely with a mixed martial arts management company, he realized he could apply his skills to the sport he loved. The culmination of his professional experience and passion for MMA have led him to his role as Senior Staff Writer and Director of Business Development at The MMA Corner.