On Saturday, November 15th the UFC will hold UFC 180: Werdum vs. Hunt from the Mexico City Arena in Mexico City, Mexico.

This will be the first time the UFC has touched down in Mexico and it was originally supposed to be headlined by Mexican MMA’s biggest star, Cain Velasquez, defending his title against Fabricio Werdum. Velasquez had to pull out of the fight due to a knee injury, but the Mexican fans will still be treated to a heavyweight title fight. Werdum will still be in the main event and will now face Mark Hunt for the interim heavyweight title. The fact that these two men are fighting for a UFC title in 2014 comes as a shock to many, but both men put on what could be the best performance of their careers in their last time out. In April, Werdum picked apart fast rising Travis Browne for five rounds en route to a unanimous decision. In September, Hunt became the first man to knock out Roy Nelson. Now the two will clash for the interim title and the winner will presumably face Velasquez when he returns from injury.

In the co-main event, we could very well see a welterweight slugfest when Kelvin Gastelum clashes with Jake Ellenberger. This is a huge spot for Gastelum, who is of Mexican decent. He is the youngest winner of The Ultimate Fighter, but he has never faced the pressure of fighting in a pay-per-view co-main event. He is unbeaten in nine professional bouts and this will be his fifth inside the octagon. Ellenberger is the biggest test that Gastelum has faced to date, but he is coming off of two losses instead of four wins. Ellenberger is a perennial top ten contender, but has been criticized for not showing up in the biggest bouts. His two fight skid was preceded by a brutal knockout of Nate Marquardt.

The third bout from the top is also a big bout, as featherweight contenders Dennis Bermudez and Ricardo Lamas will face each other as Bermudez looks to extend his winning streak to eight. The finals of TUF Latin America will also take place on the card. The five-fight main card airs on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. ET. The preliminary action will be split between Fox Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass. The Fox Sports 1 broadcast begins at 8 p.m. ET with the Fight Pass broadcast beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

Main Card Summary

Fabricio Werdum vs. Mark Hunt: Not long into the fight and Hunt dropped Werdum with a hard straight right. Hunt decided to let Werdum back up after that. About a minute later, Hunt pushed Werdum and actually scored a takedown. Hunt did a great job of being carful in the dangerous guard of Werdum. The fight is stood up and Hunt landed a couple more big shots on Werdum. Werdum landed a big headkick to end the round, but Hunt wasn’t fazed. Good first round for Hunt. To the second round we went and Mark Hunt quickly shrugged off a takedown attempt by Werdum. The fighters met back in the middle and Werdum landed a devastating knee to Hunt’s chin. Hunt went down and Werdum swarmed for the TKO finish.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Kelvin Gastelum: First round didn’t start with a ton of action, but it certainly heated up toward the end. Gastelum got a takedown halfway through the round, but Ellenberger got up and went for a takedown of his own. After the scramble Gastelum got the back and snatchesd the neck of Ellenberger. The choke was under the chin and Ellenberger had no choice but to tap.

Ricardo Lamas vs. Dennis Bermudez: Both fighters started the first round by feeling each other out. Bermudez stuffs a takedown, but shortly after that is Lamas lands a big leg kick that sent Bermudez to the ground for a second. Bermudez got right back up and clinched Lamas against the cage. Lamas dropped Bermudez with a stiff and went right for the choke. The guillotine was locked and Bermudez tapped to give Lamas the first round submission victory.

Chris Heatherly vs. Augusto Montano: Christ Heatherly scored a takedown early into the fight, but Montano got back up quickly. After both fighter traded shots for the majority of the round, Montano started to loosen up and look more confident in the fight. Montano backed Heatherly against the cage and hurt him with some big knees. Montano kept attacking with the kneews and that was enough for Big John to stop the fight for the TKO by Montano.

Edgar Garcia vs. Hector Urbina: Urbina landed a couple leg kicks to start off the fight, but was answered by Garcia. Garcia spends a a good amount of time controlling Urbina’s back, but Urbina escapes. Urbina went for an anaconda choke, but loses it and presses Garcia into the cage. Garcia left his neck out and Urbina snatches it for a guillotine choke. Garcia taps and the fight is over. Urbina won by a slick guillotine against the cage.

Preliminary Card Summary

Leandro Morales vs. Yair Rodriguez: There was a lot of athleticism in this fight and you can tell by Rodriguez’ striking. He mixed up angles and threw some diverse techniques. Rodriguez dominated on the round and was close to getting the submission a handful of times. Morales showed that he had some power and landed big shots, but Rodriguez wasn’t hurt. First round went to Rodriguez. Second round begins and Rodriguez comes out a flurry of combinations. Morales was on his back when Rodriguez rolls into a cartwheel kick and tries a heel hook as well. Morales stood up and gave the legs of Rodriguez some kicks before Rodriguez landed a big upkick to end the round. Second round should go to Rodriguez. In the final round, both fighters go back and forth on the feet and both land inadvertent low blows. This round was a tougher round to score, but I would say Rodriguez should pick up the decision and become the featherweight champion of TUF: Latin America.

Alejandro Perez vs.  Jose Quinonez: Not a ton of action in the first round. Perez is doing a good job of varying up the kind of strikes he’s throwing. Quinonez countering here and there, but he’s not doing that much damage. First round goes to Perez and he hurt Quinonez with a nice right to end the round. Quinonez comes out with more aggressiveness in the second round. He comes forward with good combinations. At one point, he literally chases Perez around the cage and will pick up this second round. All tied up going into the last round. Third round sees these guys throwing some homerun shots and the crowd is loving it. Quinonez gets a takedown, but throws a blatant headbutt and in steps Big John. Quinonez is being deducted two points for the headbutt, which should be enough to give Perez the win. Quinonez wins the round, but it would be a 9-8 card for Perez. Alejandro Perez is named the TUF: Latin America bantamweight champion.

Jessica Eye vs. Leslie Smith: Eye opens up the fight peppering Smith with combinations. The hand speed advantage goes to Eye and she is using it to her advantage. Smith standing toe-to-toe with Eye and landing some shots here and there but nothing substantial. Smith is bleeding badly just around her left ear and Eye is landing combinations at will. Eye takes the first round. The ear looks terrible in the second round and Herb Dean calls the doctor to come look at it. The doctor sees that the ear is literally falling off Smith’s head and it’s enough to call the fight. Eye wins by doctor stoppage.

Gabriel Benitez vs. Humberto Brown: Benitez lands a couple nice shots to start the fight. Brown tries to go for a huge slam, but Benitez counters with a standing guillotine attempt. It’s tight, but Brown eventually gets his head out and escapes. Brown lands a takedown and spends the majority of the round in guard controlling Benitez. Benitez is active on the ground, constantly looking for submissions, keeps trying for the guillotine. Benitez wins the first round, but Brown escaping submissions well. Second round see Benitez moving well and coming forward with some good straight shots. Brown is deducted a point for landing another low kick that finds Benitez’ cup. Brown keeps going for the takedown, but Benitez uses the cage well and stops the takedown. Third round begins and Benitez comes out and lands a good combination that sets up a standing guillotine. Brown falls to the ground and is out in Benitez’ guillotine, fight is over.

Enrique Briones vs. Guido Cannetti: Another action packed first round in this one. Briones gets hit by some big body kicks from Cannetti and looks to be hurt. Cannetti does a good job of coming forward with combinations. First round goes to Cannetti. Briones drops Cannetti midway through the second round with a big uppercut! Briones doing damage and gets the rear naked choke to finish the fight!

Marco Beltran vs. Marlon Vera: Beltran picks up the unanimous decision win. Vera was close to finishing the fight by submission in both the second and third rounds, but couldn’t lock it in. Beltran was aggressive and maintained good control on top to win the fight.


Fabricio Werdum def. Mark Hunt by TKO (knee and punches). Round 2, 2:27.
Kelvin Gastelum def. Jake Ellenberger by submission (RNC). Round 1, 4:46.
Ricardo Lamas def. Dennis Bermudez by submission (guillotine). Round 1, 3:18.
Augusto Montano def. Chris Heatherly by TKO (knees). Round 1, 4:50.
Hector Urbina def. Edgar Garcia by submission (guillotine). Round 1, 3:38.
Yair Rodriguez def. Leandro Morales by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Alejandro Perez def. Jose Quinonez by unanimous decision (29-26, 29-26, 28-27).
Jessica Eye def. Leslie Smith by TKO (doctor’s stoppage). Round 2, (1:30).
Gabriel Benitez def. Humberto Brown by submission (guillotine). Round 3, (0:30).
Enrique Briones def. Guido Cannetti by submission. Round 2, (1:44).
Marco Beltran def. Marlon Vera by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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