At this past Saturday’s UFC 180, there was a lot of emphasis put on the importance of the outcome of the fight between Dennis Bermudez and Ricardo Lamas for the featherweight division.

Bermudez proved to be a top level featherweight before he even stepping into the cage to face Lamas. He was riding a seven-fight win streak in the UFC that included victories over big names like Clay Guida and Max Holloway. Lamas, a perennial contender, is also established as a top dog in the featherweight division.

The outcome of the fight didn’t crown a new number one contender. It only really established the old cliché of who was better on that night. The fight ended quickly when Lamas cinched up a very tight guillotine choke, but he wasn’t dominating up to that point. It was pretty even and Bermudez was doing quite well.

What’s different about the featherweight division today as compared to say, moments before their fight? Not much. Lamas has established that he is going to stay in the top five, but when he has gotten to the title fights in the past he hasn’t had any success. So, how will things be different if he gets’s there again? Another key piece is he isn’t exactly Chael Sonnen when it comes to building up his fights, so it’s hard to see Sean Shelby jumping at booking Lamas vs. Aldo 2.

Dennis Bermudez, on the other hand, may have lost, but it would be shocking if he went on a skid following this loss. Even with the loss to Lamas, he probably has a better chance at getting to the title shot before Lamas does, if he has a couple key wins. At 27 years old, he is in the golden years of his athletic career.

The featherweight division is one of the deepest in the UFC. As Jose Aldo put it, “I am the King and Mendes is the prince, then we have a joker.” The joker he is referring to is Connor McGregor, who talks a lot, but so far has been able to back it up. With his athletic abilities and his showmanship, it’s difficult to see anyone getting to the title before him barring a surprising loss to his next opponent, Denis Siver.

In the post fight press confrence on Saturday night, Lamas acknowledged the state of affairs in the division and called out McGregor. “The biggest guy everybody’s talking about in this featherweight division is Conor McGregor, and I’d love a fight with him. I know he’s matched up in January, but if he wins that fight, I think he needs to fight a wrestler like me before getting to the title.”

With injuries and the uncertain outcomes of fights who knows how things will shake out, but one thing is for sure both fighters will live to fight another day and not much has changed.

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