In the world of mixed martial arts, the Gracie name is celebrated and revered. It was Royce Gracie and his brilliant ground skills the sparked the world’s collective interest in no holds barred competition, which eventually morphed into the modern MMA we know and love today.

The Gracie family has played an integral role in the growth and development of MMA over the years. But as the sport has evolved from a style vs. style competition into an art form and sport all its own, the Gracie name has lost its relevance.

The Gracies are still dominant in the world of grappling, but in the sport they helped to create and launch into existence, their presence has been marginal at best. There hasn’t been a dominant Gracie in the sport of MMA since the introduction of more formal combat sports rules.

Now that the sport has evolved and the fighters are cross training, it seems like the Gracie style that initially won our hearts has become antiquated. But that may change with Kron Gracie’s MMA debut.

Kron is the youngest son of the great Rickson Gracie, who, by all accounts, was the greatest of all the Gracies in the realm of fighting. Rickson was more dangerous than anyone else in the Gracie clan because he could strike effectively.

It’s easy not to get overly excited about seeing a Gracie in MMA competition these days because they have been underwhelming, to say the least. But there is something different about Kron.

At just 26, he is making the transition from grappling to MMA at the perfect time. He has honed his grappling skills, winning an ADCC title in 2013, now he wants to focus on a new challenge…MMA. Kron has several years to develop the rest of his MMA game before entering his physical prime which means he has the time to truly develop as a modern MMA fighter.

Kron will be making his MMA debut on December 23, 2014 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan for the Chinese based promotion Real Fight Championship. Keep a close eye on him because Kron may be the Gracie family’s last chance to prove they are still relevant in MMA.

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