Located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean is the beautiful city of San Diego, California. Known for its sandy beaches, world renowned theme parks, and harbor views there is rarely a dull moment for any visitor looking to indulge in the city’s pleasures. Mixed martial arts is also a hot commodity as many rising talent’s indulgence craves for the wealthy benefits that come with being recognized as the best.

Every morning, Sam “Super” Toomer make his way to The Arena MMA on his signature single-gear bike.

“Every day is a grind for up and coming fighters,” Toomer said. “The grind, to me, means going into the gym and giving it 100 percent.” Even after a long day working my nine-to-five job I head straight to the gym and put in the work to one day becoming the best.”

The effort put into the training can be a major advantage heading into fight day against another equally-gamed opponent. Building a fighting style of his own, Toomer stays on the prowl in preparation for the challenges that await him in the cage. The training and guidance from the Arena MMA fight team gives him the complete edge as his undefeated winning streak proves just that. Pushing to the next level after year off a recruitment offer from the RFA would propel Toomer’s career to a new plateau, an opportunity he looked forward to making the best of.

“Making it into RFA was huge. I had just lost my manager and I was a free agent and hadn’t fought in a year or so. Things were looking bad for me: I didn’t know how to get fights and I didn’t have anyone to do it for me,” explained Toomer. “Once I connected with my new manager Jason House, about a week later he called me and said RFA wants you to fight for them. I jumped around the house pounding my chest.”

June 6, 2014 marked a major turning point in Sam Toomer’s career when he made his debut at RFA 15. Emotions rode heavily as he hoped to not only perform well but also come out victorious. Pitted again the dangerous submission specialist Daniel “Roupinol”Aguiar, the match seemed like a formidable test for the newest RFA featherweight acquisition. Regarded as one of the major fights of the night, Toomer controlled the entire fight forcing Aguiar to retreat. The end results would cause his opponent to get disqualified helping to secure the victory in his RFA debut.

“To go out there and win was amazing! All the emotions were gone and I was extremely confident. Getting the victory set me on a new level mentally. The way I won made headlines too, so that was pretty awesome,” proclaimed Toomer. Taking away a lot of experience being under the lights, TV, and microscopic view Toomer’s victory over Roupinol motivated him in pushing to a higher level to achieve more in his MMA journey.

This “Super” competitor won’t have to wait too long as he is set to make his return to action at RFA 21. Stepping in for the injured Raoni Barcelos, Kings MMA standout Altair Alancar looks to put a halt to Toomer winning ways as he hopes to get back into the winning column after his devastating lost at RFA 15.

“Hats off to Alancar for filling in,” Toomer commended. “I respect that, but I plan on finishing everyone RFA puts in front of me. That’s just what it is; I know he wants to jump back into the win column and he’s going to come out to scrap. We are going to touch gloves and handle it like gentlemen.”

A win over Alancar would further confirm the bright future that continues to flourish for Toomer. Touching lives, making history and championships are just some of the dreams that could be achieved by Toomer on his path to greatness.


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Monta Wiley
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Monta Wiley is an aspiring sports journalist that has covered the world of MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been a regular contributor to US Combat Sports. Monta has a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration from California State University-Los Angeles. Outside of his writing, you can find Monta at the gym honing his BJJ technique.