The UFC heads to Arizona this Saturday December 13th for UFC on Fox 13. Heavyweights Junior Dos Santos and Stipe Miocic are headlining the stacked event, with the co-main between Nate Diaz and Raphael dos Anjos.

All eyes will be on Stefan Struve and Nate Diaz as they make their respective returns to the cage for the first time since 2013.  Diaz has a tough fight ahead of him against Brazilian standout Rafael dos Anjos, who has made a tear through the UFC lightweight division in Diaz’s absence.

Dos Anjos has proven himself to be a dangerous opponent on several occasions, including a first-round knockout victory over former champion Benson Henderson this summer.

Diaz has a lot on the line going into this fight — the winner will likely go on to challenge division champion Anthony Pettis. Nate Diaz is certainly capable of shaking off the ring rust and pulling off the victory, but it won’t be an easy fight.

Here are Nate Diaz’s keys to victory:


Diaz has good movement, and it will do him well against Rafael dos Anjos. Neither fighter is overly known for their knockout power, but dos Anjos has proven that he can put people to sleep. Nate has a solid chin and can certainly take a hit, but as they say in the fight game, anything can happen.

He would do well to keep to the outside and utilize his reach. Diaz is good at throwing high volume from outside and slowly wearing his opponents down.


Nate Diaz’s greatest weapon is his unorthodox fighting style. He strings his combinations together in ways that make it impossible to anticipate which strike is coming next. This is what makes him so difficult to stand with, and what will allow him to pick RDA apart.

Dangerous on the ground

This fight isn’t likely to go to the ground unless Diaz is dominating and Dos Anjos takes him down for a change of pace. Unfortunately for RDA, Nate Diaz is as unorthodox on the ground as he is on his feet and has a well-developed submission game.

If Rafael dos Anjos takes Diaz down, he gives the Californian an opportunity to claim his twelfth career victory by submission.

Limitless arsenal

Nate Diaz has a seemingly limitless arsenal of combinations. He knows how to pepper his opponents with strikes that wear them down over the rounds, and possesses rarely demonstrated knockout power.

On the ground, he is slippery, fast, and ruthless. Nate Diaz is an all-around skilled and technical fighter with an over-sized bag of tricks.

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