2014 was a year to forget for the UFC.

Injury after injury resulted in ruined and damned fight cards for the world’s top promotion. And if that wasn’t enough, the UFC now faces a potential mega-million dollar lawsuit from current and former fighters alike.

In the last fight card of the year, the UFC will travel Barueri, Brazil, with hopes of burying disheartening memories and setting the tone for a fresh start in 2015. UFC Fight Night 58 will take place at the Ginásio José Corrêa and will see Lyoto Machida and CB Dollaway battle it out for a chance to bump up the middleweight ladder.

The MMA Corner’s Josh Davis and Garrett Derr are here to cash in their predictions for several main card bouts.

Elias Silverio vs. Rashid Magomedov

Davis: If you don’t know who these fighters are then I suggest that you do a little research, because both of these guys have potential to become household names.  With that said, my money is with Magomedov.  I am a big fan of the Russin invasion.  They do things differently over there and the style and pace that they bring to the octagon has been tough for fighters to adjust to.

Prediction: Magomdeov by Decision 

Derr: There’s just something about these ever-growing Russian fighters. Magomedov brings an upbeat pace complimented by astounding conditioning. Silverio’s skill-set matches up well against Magomedov, but he has appeared reserved since joining the UFC. Neither guy possesses the overwhelming threat to finish the fight, which leads me to believe we’ll be strolling down the lane that ends with the judge’s scorecards.

Prediction: Magomedov by Decision


Antônio Carlos Júnior vs. Patrick Cummins

Davis: For most people when they see the name Patrick Cummins, they say, “isn’t that the guy that talked trash to Daniel Cormier and got whooped?” and the answer would is a simple yes. But fighting Cormier is completely different than fighting Junior and I like Cummins’ chances in this fight.  I think he is the better athlete and has more ways to win the fight.

Prediction: Cummins by TKO, Round 2

Derr: Disregarding an absolute dismantling at the hands of Daniel Cormier, Cummins’ track record is nearly flawless. On paper, Cummins should run through Carlos Junior without obstacles. With a dominant wrestling base and unpredictable takedowns, Cummins should coast to victory in this one. The key word is should. If and when Cummins plants Carlos Junior on his back, he’ll need to be extremely cautious of his opponent’s superb submission attack. This better have been a central focus in Cummins’ training camp.

Prediction: Cummins by Decision


Renan Barão vs. Mitch Gagnon

Davis: Gagno is no pushover. The problem is, he is facing one of the best fighters in the world who is coming off a complete ass whooping and then an embarrassing weight cut that forced him out of his title rematch with TJ Dillashaw.  Barao has a long way to go to get back into good graces with the UFC, but a dominant performance would certainly help his cause. However, if Gagnon pulls of the upset his stock will skyrocket, I just can’t see it happening.

Prediction: Barao by TKO, Round 2

Derr: How in God’s green earth did Barao fall from stardom that fast? On top of the world and widely considered one of the top pound-for-pound martial artists in the world, the former bantamweight champ’s run came to screeching halt. He’ll meet a more than game opponent in Gagnon, who has underrated submission skills. Chances are, Barao won’t need to take the fight to the ground to expose his opponent’s weaknesses. Look for Barao to make a dynamic statement en route to a deserved rematch at the 135-pound strap.

Prediction: Barao by KO, Round 1


Lyoto Machida vs. CB Dollaway

Davis: This Dollaway’s chance to prove that he can compete with the best in the world and that he is not a big fight choke.  However, he is fighting one of the truly best fighters in the world and while Machida won’t be fighting for a title anytime soon, he is certainly the gatekeeper to the title.vWhile I think Dollaway is certainly improving and one of the brighter prospects of the division, he is still not on the same level as Machida.

Prediction: Machida by KO, Round 2

Derr: Is Dollaway ready for a step up in competition when he meets the former light heavyweight champ? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure— he’ll need to be the aggressor in this one. If there’s one thing Machida lacks, it’s the ability to press the pace on a consistent basis. Unfortunately for Dollaway, he’ll need to avoid the unorthodox striking of Machida for five consecutive rounds. I can’t envision a scenario where Dollaway is able to outclass Machida on his feet. Even if the bout planks to the floor, Machida still holds the advantage. Dollaway might survive a few rounds, but Machida prevails in the end.

Prediction: Machida by KO, Round 3


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