On Saturday, December 20 the UFC will touch down in Sao Paulo, Brazil to bring fight fans everywhere UFC Fight Night 58 live from the Jose Correa Arena in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil. A middleweight matchup between former light heavyweight champion turned middleweight contender Lyoto Machida and C.B. Dollaway will serve as the main event.

Dollaway (15-5), a former Arizona State wrestling All-American, is coming off the biggest win of his career in the form of a unanimous decision over Francis Carmont at UFC Fight Night 41 in June. Prior to his victory ‘The Doberman” scored a 39-second knockout over TUF Brazil 1 veteran and Vitor Belfort protégé Cezar Ferreira in March. This gives Dollaway victories in four of his last five contests, with the only blemish being a very controversial decision loss to Tim Boetsch at UFC 166.

Machida (21-5), currently the number five ranked middleweight according to The MMA Corner fighter rankings, is coming off a hard fought decision loss to UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in the main event of UFC 175 in July. In a bout many consider one of the best in 2014, Machida and Weidman battered each other for 25 straight minutes in front of a sold out crowd at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While the Brazilian did not get his hand raised he draw praise from fans and pundits alike for giving the champion is toughest test to date. This also marked the first loss for ‘The Dragon’ since making the drop down to 185-pounds last October. He kicked off his middleweight with a first round head kick knockout over Mark Muñoz, followed by a thrilling decision win over Gegard Mousasi.

Also scheduled to appear on the card is a bantamweight match between former UFC champion Renan Barão and Canadian surging  Mitch Gagnon.

Barão (32-2) has not stepped foot inside the octagon since fans saw him on the receiving end of one most stunning upsets in mixed martial arts history at the hands of current champion T.J. Dillashaw in their title fight at UFC 173 in May. Heading into this bout, the former champion was riding an incredible 33-fight unbeaten streak, which included seven straight under the UFC banner and three straight UFC title defenses. But Dillashaw shocked the world and systematically dismantled the former champion for four straight rounds before finally putting him away with a violent knockout early in the final frame. Almost immediately, the two were booked to rematch in the main event of UFC 177 in August.  However, in one of the most bizarre series of events in UFC history, Barão pulled out of the bout just hours before the scheduled weigh-ins. It was later revealed he was taken to the hospital after he lost consciousness and hit his head while cutting weight in the sauna. The UFC would end up replacing the  Barão with promotional newcomer Joe Soto, who would go on to suffer a violent fifth round knockout to Dillashaw.

His opponent Gagnon (12-2) will enter this bout riding a four-fight win streak. In his most recent outing, the Ontario native walked away with an impressive first round submission victory over Roman Salazar at UFC Fight Night 54 earlier this month. He will enter this bout with a UFC record of 4-1, with three of those victories ending by way of first round submission.


C.B. Dollaway vs. Lyoto Machida: The main event is set to begin. Definitely the biggest fight in Dollaway’s career, but can he use his wrestling to stifle the offense of Machida? Round 1: Dollaway coming forward, but Machida looks like he’s just waiting to strike. Machida lands a big body kick and goes in for the finish. Dollaway covers up, but Machida is just landing a flurry of punches. Ref steps in and that’s all she wrote. Lyoto Machida def. C.B. Dollaway by TKO (body kick/punches) Round 1, 1:02

Renan Barao vs. Mitch Gagnon: Well Barao has made weight and appears to be healthy, but Gagnon will look to spoil the return of Barao in Brazil. Round 1: We start off slowly with Barao landing a few leg kicks, but Gagnon remains poised. Gagnon lands a nice combination the body of Barao, Barao separates from a clinch and lands an overhand right. Barao’s leg kicks are brutal; Gagnon is coming back with some good hooks. Barao drops Gagnon with a left hook and immediately takes the back. Gagnon survives with the clinch and we go to the second. Round 2: Gagnon secures underhooks early and clinches Barao against the cage. They are separated by the ref and proceed to throw some heavy shots. Barao gets a trip, but Gagnon stands right back up. Gagnon goes right back for another takedown attempt that is stuffed. They are separated again. Gagnon is landing some big hooks in tight, pushes Barao back to the cage and eats some elbows from the former champ. That will be a tough round to score. Round 3: Barao’s cardio looks to be fine in the final round; Gagnon continues to just clinch with little activity. The ref separates them and Barao goes right for the takedown and gets it. Gagnon lands a nice elbow in the clinch, but Barao drags him to the ground and now has the mount. He’s got the arm triangle and Gagnon taps. Renan Barao def. Mitch Gagnon by submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 3:53

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Patrick Cummins: Since being the punching bag for Daniel Cormier’s light heavyweight debut, Cummins has won two in a row and appears to be legit. He’s got another tough test in Carlos Junior who is dropping down from heavyweight after winning TUF Brazil 3. Round 1: Cummins shoots in for a long takedown attempt, but gets nothing. Both guys throw a couple haymakers with nothing landing. Cummins gets a nice takedown from the trip in the clinch. Carlos Junior almost gets a heel hook, but it looks like Cummins escapes the danger for now. Carlos Junior switches to a toe hold, but Cummins stacks himself on top of Junior. Cummins escapes from the guard finally and throws some big strikes after stacking Carlos Junior against the cage. Cummins is doing a lot of damage in the guard and passes into side control. Definitely a good first round for Cummins. Round 2: Cummins sprawls on a takedown from Carlos Junior and Cummins maintains control on the ground. Junior is trying to get wrist control and looking for a submission, but Cummins is just landing heavy hands in the guard. Junior tries for another heel hook, Cummins escapes and gets back into side control. Junior looks exhausted. They stand up and Carlos Junior lands a head kick, but Cummins is fine. 20 seconds left in the round and Cummins ducks under a hook to score a takedown. Round 3: Carlos Junior’s corner tells him he needs to defend the takedowns, but Cummins gets one less than a minute into the final round. Cummins is in half guard and throwing hammer fists. Carlos Junior is simply trying to be finished on the ground, but Cummins keeps landing some damaging strikes. Cummins is trying to get the back of the Carlos Junior, but he settles for the full mount. Carlos Junior escapes the mount by pushing off the cage. Still just trying to survive, he’s exhausted. They stand up and Carlos Junior suplexes Cummins and gets the back with less than 30 seconds left. Cummins escapes and will take home the decision. Patrick Cummins def. Antonio Carlos Junior by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Rashid Magomedov vs. Elias Silverio: There’s only one loss between these two lightweights, so both are trying to maintain their rising status in a stacked division. Round 1: Magomedov starts off by throwing a lot of body kicks, one appears to have hurt Silverio for a second. Silverio lands a head kick, but Magomedov walks through it and answers back. Magomedov is doing a good job of finding openings to slip in some hooks and straight rights. Magomedov ends the round with a takedown and probably wins the round. Round 2: Silverio lands a big counter left hook and that wakes Magomedov up. Looks like Silverio poked Magomedov in the eye, short break, but looks to be ok. Magomedov comes right back with a beautiful 1-2 combination that cuts Silverio above the right eye. Time is called again after Magomedov lands a low kick to the groin of Silverio. Silverio motions that he’s ok to continue. Both guys are throwing and landing a ton of kicks, it looks like a K-1 fight. Closer round than the first, but I still give a slight edge to Magomedov. Round 3: Not long into the last round and time is called for another groin kick. Huge combination by Magomedov, but Silverio shows a good chin and appears to be recovered. Silverio shoots for a takedown, but he’s too far away and Magomedov stuffs it easily. Silverio defends an inside trip attempt by Magomedov, but takes another right hook in the process. Magomedov drops Silverio with a left and follows it up with hammer fists. A stunned Silverio tries to stumble toward the cage, but is hurt with another big shot by Magomedov and the ref stops it. Rashid Magomedov def. Elias Silverio by TKO (punches) Round 3, 4:57

Erick Silva vs. Mike Rhodes: Erick Silva brings a storm with him in the opening minutes of every fight, but Brown has stated that he’s not going to weather the storm, he’s going to bring it himself. Round 1: Silva begins with a spinning back fist attempt and scores the takedown against Rhodes. Silva passes easily into side control and has an arm triangle. Rhodes is asleep. Fight over. Awesome. Erick Silva def. Mike Rhodes by submission (arm triangle) Round 1, 1:15

Daniel Sarafian vs. Antonio dos Santos: Round 1: Both fighters are landing a decent amount in the exchanges, but Sarafian is definitely landing the bigger ones. Sarafian lands a head kick, but dos Santos drops Sarafian with a straight right. After some time in the clinch, both fighters separate and throwing wild haymakers. The crowd loves it. This fight will end with the next fighter to land a clean, heavy shot. Dos Santos lands a big right hook, but Sarafian answers with a stiff and a takedown attempt to end the round. Round 2: The second round begins with a low blow against dos Santos, but he doesn’t need a long break to continue the fight. Well this was weird, but it appears the ref has called the fight over a broken finger on dos Santos. Daniel Sarafian def. Antonio dos Santos by TKO (injury) Round 2, 1:01


Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Igor Pokrajac: Now we move up in weight to 205 pounds with two heavy hitters. Round 1: It doesn’t take long for Lima to clinch Pokrajac and push him into the cage. Lima is throwing some good body shots in the clinch. The ref separates them and Pokrajac is floored in an exchange and the ref steps in for the finish by Lima. Marcos Rogerio de Lima def. Igor Pokrajac by KO (punches) Round 1, 1:59

Renato Moicano vs. Tom Niinimaki: Moicano is filling in for an injured Rony Jason and is fighting on very short notice. Round 1: Moicano begins the fight landing good shots during some tight exchanges with Niinimaki, as Brian Stann points out the reach of Moicano is giving Niinimaki troubles so far. Moicano is doing a great job of mixing his combinations with kicks and those kicks are coming with a lot of power. Niinimaki looks to be bleeding from the bridge of his nose, the round has been all Moicano so far. Niinimaki is trying to throw leg kicks, but Moicano has caught every one of them. First round definitely goes to Moicano. Round 2: Moicano begins the round with three consecutive leg kicks. Niinimaki seems to be hesitant with everything he throws and Moicano is quicker with his striking speed. Everything that Niinimaki throws is countered and Moicano hurts Niinimaki with about two minutes left. Moicano gets the back and secures the rear naked choke for the win. Renato Moicano def. Tom Niinimaki by submission (rear naked choke) Round 2, 3:30

Hacran Dias vs. Darren Elkins: Despite being ranked under Elkins, Dias is the slight favorite. Round 1: Neither of these guys want to feel things out and Dias is landing some heavy shots. Elkins picks Dias up for the slam, but Dias maintains balance and avoids the big takedown. Dias lands the single leg and is trying to land strikes on Elkins. Elkins is looking for the upkick, but Dias is dodging them and dominating the round. Elkins is trying to reverse the position with a takedown, but Dias is too strong and turns Elkins back toward the fence. Elkins ends the round with Dias’ back, but Dias should still easily take the round. Round 2: Elkins is pressing forward to start the second round and clinches Dias into the cage. Dias shoots for the double leg and scores the takedown. Dias is absolutely smothering on the ground and Elkins can barely move, but Elkins uses the cage to stand back up. Dias trips Elkins against the cage and is in half guard, but not really delivering a ton of damage. Round 3: Elkins is trying to throw big shots, but Dias is blocking most of them and landing a few of his own. Even though he has been dominated so far, Elkins starts the third round as the more active fighter. Dias is countering well and shoots for the takedown, sending Elkins to the ground easily. Elkins gets back up, but not for long as Dias trips Elkins back to the ground near the cage with just over a minute left in the fight. Dias leaves his neck out and Elkins has a deep choke in, but Dias escapes and survives to end up underneath Elkins. We go to the judges. Hacran Dias def. Darren Elkins by UD (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00

Leandro Issa vs. Ulka Sasaki: As Issa is entering the Octagon, Brian Stann mentions that Issa has been nursing a rib injury, which could spell trouble against Sasaki. Round 1: Sasaki sprints to the center of the cage, but is met by a couple of leg kicks by Issa. Issa lands two huge overhand rights in a row, clinches and sends Sasaki to the cage. Issa drags Sasaki to the ground and Issa keeps him wrapped up in his butterfly guard. A scramble ensues and Sasaki lands a judo throw, but Issa ends up in side control. Issa is looking for a kimura while in side control, Sasaki is defending well so far. Round 2: Issa scores a takedown less than a minute into the round and Sasaki is breathing heavy on the ground. Sasaki has a tight grip on Issa’s neck, but he’s in a weird position and doesn’t seem to have the leverage to finish. Issa escapes and now has Sasaki’s back. Issa is throwing some heavy shots trying to find the opening for a submission. Sasaki taps to the neck crank from Issa. Leandro Issa def. Ulka Sasaki by submission (neck crank) Round 2, 4:13

Tim Means vs. Marcio Alexandre: Last Fight Pass prelim is underway. Round 1: Less than 30 seconds in and Means shows his strategy of getting Alexandre into the clinch and working his dirty boxing. Means is switching stances trying to make Alexandre uncomfortable. Alexandre landing some kicks, but nothing with a ton of power behind it. Alexandre tries to throw a spinning back kick, but Means blocks it. Means is coming forward and landing some heavy shots. Alexandre does a good job of finishing the round with some good counters and avoiding the clinch, but Means should take the first round. Round 2: Means starts the second round similar to the first by trying to work the clinch game. Means lands a heavy left hand and Alexandre is stunned by it for just a second. Means catches a kick and sends Alexandre to the ground. They are clinched against the cage and Alexandre is coming up and Means lands a huge knee on the way up, but the ref immediately calls time because it appears like Alexandre’s finger tips were still on the ground. Doctor comes in and gives Alexandre the ok. Alexandre comes right back and lands a huge head kick that hurts Means, but Means recovers well and ends up in Alexandre’s guard. They are back up and Alexandre trips Means from the clinch. This round is going to be weird to score, but the round should still go to Means. Round 3: Both fighters start the final round by trading leg kicks, but Alexandre’s left eye is swollen and clearly bothering him. Means continually coming forward, cardio has looked great at 170. Means lands a couple big shots and has Alexandre on wobbly legs. Alexandre has his mouth open and looks exhausted. Means lands a nice counter left, one minute left in the fight and Means needs to just hold on to win this fight, but he continues to look for the finish. We are going to the judges, but Means should win this one. Tim Means def. Marcio Alexandre by SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). Round 3, 5:00

Jake Collier vs. Vitor Miranda: Fighters have entered the cage and Miranda looks great at 185 pounds since moving down from heavyweight. Round 1: Miranda lands a loud leg kick in the beginning, but Collier doing a good job of throwing combinations while moving forward. Collier pushes forward and clinches Miranda against the cage, but Miranda escapes it a lands a head kick. Collier scores the fight’s first takedown and controls Miranda in the clinch. Collier counters Miranda’s escape and sends it to the ground and ends up in side control. Miranda seems to be stuck on the ground and is having problems trying to get Collier off of him. With about 12 seconds left in the round, Miranda gets up a connects with a head kick that stuns Collier and leads to the finish for Miranda. Beautiful comeback for the Brazilian. Vitor Miranda def. Jake Collier by KO (head kick). Round 1, 4:59


MAIN CARD -FOX Sports 1, 10 p.m. ET

Lyoto Machida def. C.B. Dollaway by TKO (body kick/punches) Round 1, 1:02
Renan Barao def. Mitch Gagnon by submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 3:53
Patrick Cummins def. Antonio Carlos Junior by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Rashid Magomedov def. Elias Silverio by TKO (punches) Round 3, 4:57
Erick Silva def. Mike Rhodes by submission (arm triangle) Round 1, 1:15
Daniel Sarafian def. Antonio dos Santos by TKO (injury) Round 2, 1:01

PRELIMINARY CARD – FOX Sports 1, 8 p.m. ET

Marcos Rogerio de Lima def. Igor Pokrajac by KO (punches) Round 1, 1:59
Renato Moicano def. Tom Niinimaki by submission (rear naked choke) Round 2, 3:30
Hacran Dias def. Darren Elkins by UD (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Leandro Issa def. Ulka Sasaki by submission (neck crank) Round 2, 4:13

PRELIMS CARD – UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET

Tim Means def. Marcio Alexandre by SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).
Vitor Miranda def. Jake Collier by KO (head kick). Round 1, 4:59

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