Suffering from a setback was never a part of the plan and certainly something no one loves. It is a disappointing event that hinders the mission of accomplishing that lifelong goal one is destined to fulfill. Mixed martial artists carry this plague as competitors will experience their share of troubles in their grind to the top. However, burdened misfortunes don’t always leave one down for the count as they can also be the motivational powder keg which reveals their purpose and place in the sport.

Built for adversity, giving up has never been an option for World Series of Fighting welterweight contender Brian Foster. A career defined by setbacks, passion, and value in his work has kept him driven as his dreams may so become a reality in his upcoming No.1 contender title fight at WFOF 17 against Jake Shields.

It wasn’t always the best of days for the Oklahoma product as Foster has experienced more heartbreak in his career just to reach this pivotal moment. As a new face emerging onto the UFC scene in 2009, Foster was a fast rising star quickly making a name for himself with three highlight reel victories. Unfortunately his run would come to an end thanks in part to a series of health issues leaving him unable to compete for over a year.

“Being a fighter not able to compete is rough, “Foster told MMA Corner. “Knowing how good you are and not being able to compete at the highest level showcasing that to the world was a terrible feeling. It was hard to stay motivated on that daily grind during that time, but I never gave up.”

Pushed to his emotional limits it seemed that Foster’s fight career was in agonizing limbo. Then again, this individual isn’t your typical every day fighter as his unwillingness to accept defeat kept his motivation alive. Lifted from his suspension medical reports clearance would pave the way for his return to MMA action.

Born to entertain, Foster’s talents and lengthy resume undoubtedly proves that he is ranked amongst the best fighters in the world as he sought to remind everyone just that. Fighting internationally and state side Foster wasted no time making his mark in various fight organizations. Successful in seven of his eight fight,s his prowess, aggressiveness, and technical abilities in competition never left his side as opponents quickly found out there were not on his skill level.

Those years of financial loss, injuries, and opportunity doors being shut would all come to an end when he joined forces with WSOF which placed Foster back on major fight platform.

“WSOF has given me an opportunity that I worked hard for and I deserve,” he said. “I hope to build a relationship with the company to show them that they have recruited a major talent while also striving to be the best in the organization.”

In what could possibly be the biggest fight of his career, Foster will be headlining the upcoming WSOF 17 card as he hopes to take down the newly crowned champ in Shields. Ranked amongst the top welterweights in the world, Shields recently made his debut to the company at WSOF 14 with a first round submission victory over Ryan Ford. After all the hell he has been through, this is one threat Foster isn’t fazed by as his intentions are made clear to come out victorious over the former Strikeforce Champion.

“I’m never one to turn away from a fight. Jake is very competitive and he had his time which gives me the opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity to make the best of it.” I’ve been training at Factory X in Colorado with a laundry list of top athletes like Joe Warren and Brian Camozzi, whom are all helping me get ready for this fight.”

Everyone hits a bump on the road, but what sets us about is how we deal with it. Through tragedy Brian Foster has risen triumphant finding not only stability in his professional career, but peace within himself which keep him focus on what he is set to do in MMA. The stars have finally aligned and everything seems to be in place all there is to do now is step in the cage and take what’s his on January 17.

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Monta Wiley is an aspiring sports journalist that has covered the world of MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been a regular contributor to US Combat Sports. Monta has a Bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration from California State University-Los Angeles. Outside of his writing, you can find Monta at the gym honing his BJJ technique.