A few weeks ago, I wrote the first part of my wishlist for a hypothetical sequel to EA Sports UFC, which can be found here.

Besides giving the option to play the part of Dana White, the game has a lot of potential to improve the individual career mode. As it stands, it certainly leaves something to be desired and almost seems like simply a base to which build a great career mode in future editions of the game.

Before we discuss what we want to see and what we disliked about the current career mode, we should talk about what was good about it.

The Good

The inclusion of The Ultimate Fighter is an awesome improvement from THQ’s Undisputed series. It’s something that fans have wanted in a UFC game since they first started being created and EA Sports delivered it to us.

Your created fighter isn’t absolutely awful when you start, which certainly helps the career mode be enjoyable at the beginning. What’s good about it is that even though your fighter isn’t necessarily someone who just up and decided to fight MMA (I know I’m setting myself up for CM Punk jokes), but your fighter does have a lot of room to grow in their career.

One cool aspect of the training is that your character prepares for the type of fighter they’re going up against. If your opponent is a high-level jiu jitsu guy, you’re going to be drilling submission defense and ground control. You can develop a strategy for your upcoming fight and the game even invites big game fighters to come visit your camp and help train you.

Let’s face it, the fighter entrances are a nice touch. Walkouts are one of the favorite parts of the fight for fans and it’s awesome to see your fighter walking out to “Coming Home” by P. Diddy as he’s about to fight for the title.

Now let’s talk about what needs improvement.

The Bad

The repetitiveness is abundant in the current career mode. You do three training activities, you fight, you get some new sponsors (I assume they’ll introduce the Reebok sponsorship in the next edition) and you build your fighter’s skills, then you are given your next opponent. Lather, rinse, repeat.

While I was researching this topic, I came upon a reddit thread that really hits the nail on the head: you can see it here. What it really highlights is the lack of choice you have outside of choosing from a few entrance songs and deciding  between a handful of sponsors.

You don’t have the the ability to choose opponents. You don’t the ability to change weight classes if you’re not the champion. You don’t the ability to choose how you climb the ranks once you’re in the UFC. There’s no option to choose your training partners, coaches or gym. Basically the career mode as it is now is the opposite of a choose your own adventure book.

There should be different routes you can take to get into the UFC besides just The Ultimate Fighter and I totally love the idea brought up in the link above where you can either rise in the developmental league and become champion and thus making yourself more valuable to the UFC or you can chose to go through the TUF house. Each way should have their benefits and their downfalls if you lose. It should mirror what actually happens in real life.

I would also love to see fight week be a bigger deal too. I miss being able to see the weigh-ins or being able to chose whether or not to respect my opponent when we square off.

The one other thing that I really want in the next edition of the game is to be able to, which is kind of an aspect of the previous mentioned desire, is the ability to chose what type of fighter I am. I’m not talking about deciding whether or not to be a boxer, wrestler, or karate style fighter, but what kind of demeanor my fighter has. I want the option to chose if I’m going to be like Conor McGregor or like Dominick Cruz, to be somewhat cocky or more straight-edged.

The Ugly

The message videos you get throughout your career have to go. If I have to listen to Mike Dolce continuing to give me encouragement and be surprised that I won another performance award after I’ve just won my 36th consecutive fight, I’ll return the game right then. They weren’t a terrible idea but when you have to keep watching the same video messages over and over again, they become something I try to skip as quickly as I can push the button.

Besides a couple of songs, the choices for your entrance music are pretty lame. It’s hard to get excited about your fighter walking out to some generic irish rock music. The ability to import your own music into the game, like in Fight Night series. I remember that I made my boxer come out to “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath and it was, for lack of a more eloquent term, absolutely bad ass.

Well that’s it for the part of my wishlist for EA Sports to include in the next edition of the UFC series. If you have any other ideas on this subject or want me to touch upon something for the next part, comment below.

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Blane Ferguson
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Blane can trace his MMA roots, like many others, to the finale of the first Ultimate Fighter season between Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin. After watching that incredible fight and cleaning the local Blockbuster of any recorded UFC pay-per-views they had, Blane was hooked on watching the sport and he carried that passion with him to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Blane is a four-year broadcasting veteran of ASU's campus radio including a founder and co-host of the station's combat sports show, The Final Round.

  • GracieSim

    Drop the career mode all together and give us an Event mode.. With running records and years, press conferences and fusible ultimate fighter mini mode included so we can always have prospects. Give us a DANA WHITE MODE!!

  • Johnny jones

    naw if it would give us a chance to comment on our fight like respect or disrespect our opponent n the post fight interview. and able to do submissions from any position like I ufc 3 like the heel hooks and leglocks like rousimar palaheres. and also be able to go to the event and sit down and watch it from outside of the cage like challengers for your title and confront the champion after a successful title defense