UFC Fight Night 59 is taking place this coming Sunday, January 18th in Boston, Mass. The main event is a fight that many would view as one-sided between rising star Connor McGregor and grizzled veteran Dennis Siver. With discussions already in place for McGregor getting the next title shot, should he defeat Siver, it’s kind of a strange atmosphere in the mixed martial arts world. It seems like a fight to keep McGregor busy and that interpretation is quite disrespectful to Siver.

Having fought in the UFC since 2007, Siver has put together decent win streaks, but always fallen just short of title contention. After testing positive for HCG back in 2013, he got back on the horse and defeated Charles Rosa following his suspension. Though there are no talks of him having a title shot, should he defeat McGregor it would elevate his stock higher than it has ever been in the UFC.

So how can he do it? How can he derail quite possibly the fastest moving hype train in the history of the UFC? Here are Dennis Siver’s keys to victory:

Disrespect McGregor

Connor McGregor has proven to be a finisher. That sort of thing can get into a fighter’s head and cause them to perform differently than he has planned. For him to stay out of danger, he is going to have to put pressure on McGregor and make it his fight. If he stays on the outside he will get picked apart by McGregor’s unorthodox but effective striking.

Throw Volume

Siver is going to have to make it an ugly fight with McGregor. Being shorter, he will have to move in and out quickly while letting his hands go. Siver is decent with countering and if he gets McGregor to fight a dog fight, he has the ability to counter and possibly KO with one of his powerful left hooks.

Avoid the Ground

McGregor has the ability to knock fighters down almost at will and Siver is going to have to be mindful of that through out the fight. While Siver is able to throw combos and mix in leg kicks he may want to be careful with losing his base. If he throws a high kick, Conor is likely to take him to the ground.

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