Do you love fantasy sports? Do you think you can beat The MMA Corner’s Madman in Fantasy MMA? Want to win t-shirts, autographs, Battle Balm and other cool swag?

Well, here’s your chance to have some fun, win some prizes, and compete against The MMA Corner’s own RJ Gardner, aka ‘The Madman’.

Don’t have a DraftKings account? No problem. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to sign up for an account. You can get started with as little as a $5 deposit. Now you’re ready to play and win real cash.

How to Play

For each contest participants will be given a $50,000 salary cap to select a five-fighter lineup. The fighter pool will consist of all fighters expected to be competing in the upcoming event. Fighter salaries are determined by their past performances and they have nothing to do with what fighters are actually making.

Fighters score points in two ways. First there is move scoring; +0.5 for significant strikes, +1 for advancing position, +2 for takedowns, +2 for reversals or sweeps and +3 for knockdowns. Then there are fight conclusion bonuses; +100 for a first round win, +70 for a second round win, +50 for a third round win, +40 for a fourth round win, +40 for a fifth-round win and +25 for a decision win. Fight scoring will be based on FightMetric statistical data.

Winning/placing is based on the total score of your five fight lineup.

Beat the Madman

This $5 head-to-head Fantasy MMA contest that The MMA Corner is running is for new and existing DraftKings users! Please follow these simple steps to play  and compete for prizes:

1) Join/login to by CLICKING HERE.

2) Deposit at least $5, as this is a $5 private head to head contest against The MMA Corner’s Madman in a Fantasy MMA contest, where you will pick 5 fighters from Saturday’s UFC on Fox 14

3) Please note that as a new user, DraftKings will match your first deposit, dollar for dollar (up to $600). DraftKings will also award you with a $2 voucher that you can use in any $2 contest, no matter how much you deposit. You can read about DraftKing’s deposit bonus here if you have questions.

4) Once you’re ready, email with your DraftKings username, so he can verify that you’ve followed these steps and confirm for us that you’re ready for your private challenge!

5) Once you accept the challenge, make sure you have a valid lineup by 5pm EST on Saturday, when the MMA lineups lock!

All entries MUST be received by 2 pm EST on Saturday the 24th to play! Prizes include t-shirts, fighter autographs and more!

About The Author

Stacey Davis

Stacey is co-owner of The MMA Corner and serves as web developer, editor (as needed), and handles all sales & marketing responsibilities. She has been a fan of the sport since 2005, and is passionate about the positive promotion of all MMA athletes.