UFC flyweight Ian McCall is in an enviable position these days. He knows that he is only a couple of wins away from getting a rematch with current champion Demetrious Johnson, but he doesn’t want to look ahead.  McCall is set to fight John Lineker at UFC 183 — assuming that Lineker is able to make weight.

“I think his inability to make weight is very irresponsible. We are all professionals and this is our job and making weight is something that we all have to do.  I had a blood infection and was sick in the hospital and I still made weight. A big part of it makes me lose respect for him, his training and just his mental capacity.  I don’t know if he is just not that sharp, or if he is stupid, or if he just doesn’t care and I don’t mean any disrespect towards him or anything, because he has always been nice to me but there is something wrong there that needs to be fixed.  No matter what it is, it just doesn’t look good for him.”

McCall was quick to point out that every fighter has to cut weight, as it is part of the job, but McCall does hope that Lineker struggles with his weight cut this time around. “I hope he does have a tough weight cut.  I hope that he does have a horrible time making weight, I hope that he doesn’t make weight and looks bad so I can hold that against him, have fun with it on stage just like I did in Brazil and that is such an easy target.  It’s just mental warfare. That’s all it comes down to.”

While mental warfare can play a significant part in a fight, it certainly doesn’t stop there. In McCall’s case, he knows that he will be fighting a guy that has one punch knockout power. Even still, McCall thinks that it will take more than a single punch to stop him. “Lineker is a one trick pony, but it is a hell of a trick that he has. Whether he hits you in the head or in the body, he will you put you down, so the key to this fight for me is to not get hit.  I can’t let him touch me. It seems like every punch that he throws, he throws with bad intentions. But I think that I will be able to use my speed in this fight. I think this an easier match-up for me than Brad (Pickett) was.  I think Brad was a more dangerous opponent.  Brad punched really hard, Brad was supposed to be this really good wrestler, he was supposed to have real good jiu jitsu and I kind of embarrassed him in every aspect. So fighting a guy like John, where I don’t have to worry about the ground or wrestling, can allow you to get a little narrow-minded because you only have to focus on one thing. I am not going to skimp out or slack off on my other training, but I have been doing a little of hand eye coordination to make sure that I don’t get hit.”

A win over Lineker would be McCall’s third straight and would certainly put him in line for a title shot, but McCall believes that the UFC will make him get another win first. “Yeah, I think with a win I probably deserve a title shot. I’m not going to get it, I think that the UFC will make me get at least one more win, if not two.  But you never know.  Things happen, people get injured, whatever, so we will have to see.  I still need to win this fight before I think about that, but my guess is that I will have to get a few more wins.”

No matter what McCall’s future holds, it all starts with UFC 183.  A highlight reel victory over a guy like John Lineker would go a long way, but McCall still has to get the victory.  One trick pony or not, like McCall said, he can put you away with almost anything he throws so this will not be an easy fight. But if he is successful, expect to hear Dana White tell us all that McCall “is now in the mix.”

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