Ed Herman broke on to the mainstream MMA scene after his stint on season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter where he was runner up to Kendal Grove.  Since then, Herman has developed into a solid mid card fighter for the UFC, but hasn’t necessarily had the success that his potential deserves.  Herman has gone 9-7-1 in his UFC career and hasn’t really lived up to all of the expectations.

Herman understands the criticisms that he sometimes suffers and doesn’t make any excuses for them. All Herman will tell you is the best Ed Herman has yet to arrive. “I’ve suffered some injuries and had some training issues, but I am healthy now and I have mellowed out and I feel like I’m the best fighter that I have ever been,” Herman told The MMA Corner. “I’m training in Colorado and I am able to take advantage of all of the different training here.  I have my own gym, but I also get to train at Elevation with all of the best fighters that Colorado has to offer and that has really helped me evolve.  I feel that the best of Ed Herman is finally here.”

Herman will have the chance to prove that as he faces a very tough opponent in Derek Brunson at UFC 183. “Derek is a very athletic fighter, probably the most athletic fighter that I have ever faced, but I am the better fighter.  I don’t think that Derek is a man, he backed out of the previous fight and I am going to go in there in break him. I know he is a tough guy and that I have a tough fight in front of me, but I have been training hard working with guys way more talented than him.”

As Herman stated, he will be at definitely athletic disadvantage and Brunson will plan to use that to his advantage.  However, this will not be the first time that Herman has fought someone more athletic than him and he says that won’t be a factor. “I have to go in there and impose my will, keep coming forward, put my hands on him, hurt him and take away his ability to use his athleticism,” Herman said. “I need to turn this into a dog fight.  He is an athlete and I am a fighter and that’s the difference, I am going to go in there and makes this fight.”

Herman knows that trying to make it into a fight only works if you can get your opponent to actually brawl with you. “He tries to win fights by using the so called art of fighting and out pointing guys and fight without fighting, the way a lot of guys try to win fights these days, especially the guys from Jackson’s camp so I am going to go in there and fight him,” Herman explained.  “I am going to put my hands on him, defend his wrestling, stuff his takedowns and make him fight so I don’t know what he going to do with that.”

Herman is coming off of a victory over Rafael Natal at UFC Fight Night Silva vs Brown and wants Brunson to be his second straight victory. While this fight may seem a little personal for Herman, at the end of the day it is just another fight for him on the road to showing his fans the best Ed Herman possible.

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