UFC 183 is an event that many have anxiously waited for. It’s a good pay-per-view event, with a great headlining fight between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz. With a main event like that, you can’t expect too much promotional material on anything other than the main event.

Yet, smack dab in the middle in of the pay-per-view card is a fight that may take the fight of the night honors. Joe Lauzon is slated to face Al Iaquinta. Anytime you see Lauzon is fighting you know what your in for. He is a go for broke, attempt to finish at every moment style of fighter that leaves it all in the cage.

On Saturday night, he is facing Iaquinta. A mainstay at the Serra/ Longo Gym that also houses the current middleweight champion, Chris Weidman. Iaquinta has a current record of ten wins and three losses. In the UFC he has put together a commendable five wins and two losses. With six of his ten victories coming by way of a finish he presents some very real problems for Lauzon.

For Lauzon, he has been the peoples champ for quite some time. No one is really clamoring for him to go on a title run, but he continues to put on quality entertaining fights that have earned him more bonuses than almost any other fighter in the UFC’s history. He hasn’t put together more than two straight wins since 2007, but if he gets through Iaquinta he will be on a three fight win streak. From there, he can start to change the publics perception of his future, and his chances of achieving contender ship.

Here are Lauzon’s keys to victory.


Iaquinta has the edge in the striking department. That doesn’t mean that Lauzon can’t stand with him though. If he is strategic and defensive he may find an opening to land some of his own strikes. Iaquinta has serious knock out power and it’s a dangerous game to stand with him. If Iaquinta isn’t gassed out, Lauzon most likely won’t have much of a choice on whether or not to stand with him as Iaquinta possesses quality take down defense.


If Lauzon is strategic on his feet and avoids getting dropped by Iaquinta his chances will begin to increase in each passing minute. Lauzon is known for gritty, long fights and Iaquinta is not. Though Iaquinta may be able to stuff Lauzon’s take down attempts early on, as he gets more and more tired Lauzon will most likely find success in getting it to the ground.


It’s not a secret that Lauzon is the better submission grappler and Iaquinta is the better striker. Iaquinta knows what he is up against. Predictable or not, Lauzon has the ability to submit almost anyone on the right night. If this fight goes to the ground Lauzon’s must act quickly, and aggressively to attempt a submission. It may even be necessary for him to pull guard and transition from standing, but he can do it. Iaquinta has had three professional losses, all of them have been submissions. If Lauzon wins, this is how he is going to do it.

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