One big problem in today’s world is that people are too judgmental and do not appreciate accomplishments. Instead of focusing on the 99% of the good things someone does, we tend to focus on the one bad. Sport in particular has been the biggest platform for people to not appreciate when we should and to judge someone we do not know personally.

People view athletes as demigods and put them on an unfair pedestal. They believe that they are immortal and can do no wrong. In reality, athletes don’t just have an Achilles heel, they are people, and as people they have many flaws just like you and I.

The unfair views we have as fans of these athletes are becoming a problem in today’s world.

One person in particular comes to mind when you think about someone who has been unfairly judged and not appreciated for what he has done and accomplished in the Ultimate Fighting Championship: Jon Jones.

“Bones” Jones has some pretty nice accolades and if you live under a rock and do not know what they are; here you go.

He is currently the UFC light heavyweight champion and has defended that title eight times, which is a UFC record for the 205-pound division. He is third all-time when it comes to title defenses in the UFC, only behind George St-Pierre (9) and Anderson Silva (10). Oh, did I mention that Jones was the youngest fighter ever to win a UFC championship? He currently is tied for the most wins, has the longest win streak, and has the most submission victories for the light heavyweight division. You could go on for days about all that Jones has accomplished in the UFC.

To sum that entire list of accolades up: Jones is good. No. Jones is great. He is arguably the greatest mixed martial artist of all time to some people, but to a lot more, Jones is looked at for his mistakes and not for his amazing accomplishments in his respective sport. You hear people say negative things about Jon a lot nowadays. They say that Jones is a bad person. Jones is fake. Jones is cocky. Jones is a cocaine addict. Jones is overrated. Jones will never defend his title again. Jones is going to lose to Cormier. Jones pokes people in the eye on purpose. Jones is cheap. Jones is going to get knocked out by Anthony Johnson. I hate Jones. Jones is not the greatest fighter of all-time. A lot of the things people say about Jones are because of the mistakes he has made or they are judging him without knowing him.

All of the people who are looking at Jones as a bad person and have negative things to say about him without knowing him personally are wrong. All of the people who judge Jones because of the mistakes he has made in his life are wrong too. These people need to focus on the good of Jones and all he has accomplished in the UFC. They need to focus on the things they know are factual, things such as him being a dominant UFC fighter.

Why do we have to focus on the mistakes that Jones has made instead of the accomplishments he has worked hard to achieve? Are we such perfect individuals ourselves that we can truthfully and honestly judge someone we do not know personally for making a mistake? The answer is no. None of us are perfect. All of us have made mistakes or decisions in life we are not proud of.

Many are so easy to judge someone’s personal life when in reality they know nothing about it. A good question to ask yourself is this, would you be proud of every mistake you have ever made being all over national television? Are there things you would be embarrassed and ashamed of doing?

Jones has faced his mistakes and owned up to them. He did not have to check into a rehab facility. Yes, one that he was in for only a day and many judged him so quickly without knowing a single fact of the situation. He did not have to do an interview with Fox Sports 1 about his incident and own up to his mistake of failing a drug test. He did not have to do anything when he made the mistake, but he did. He owned up to it. That is something that many people in the world would not do. Many will say it was a public relations stunt, but at the end of the day Jones went on television and owned up to his mistakes. How many of the people who so strongly criticize Jon Jones can say they have done that?

Every athlete’s personal lives are not personal anymore. They are asked tough questions and are put on that unrealistic pedestal that some put them on. They do not have to own up to their mistakes or chose to talk to the media, but almost all of them do. Almost all of them live open lives because they are good at a sport as crazy as that sounds. They are victims to unfair criticism by people who have no clue who they are. Athletes, like Jones, are not appreciated for what they do for their sport or what they have accomplished, but instead judged for mistakes.

In today’s world we are lucky enough to watch some of the greatest athletes to ever live. We are lucky enough to watch some of the greatest moments in the history of sport. We are lucky enough to watch Jones fight and show that with his hard work and dedication chasing his dream was possible. It is time to appreciate and not judge one of the greatest fighters of all-time: Jon Jones.

About The Author

Jeremy Klump
Interview Coordinator / Video Manager

Jeremy Klump is a Sport Media major at Ithaca College and has been writing about Mixed Martial Arts for over a year now. He interned at MVC Sports Management and AMA Fight Club. While interning at MVC and AMA, Jeremy found out that he had a true passion for writing about Mixed Martial Arts. He has interviewed and wrote articles on top UFC fighters while also having knowledge of regional fighters and the top new comers. He looks to grow as a writer and expand his knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts while being a proud member of The MMA Corner team.