Welcome to The Fuller Fight Factor LIVE, a semi-periodical show focusing on the world of combat sports, health, fitness and overall awesomeness. In this edition, host Justin Fuller (me) is joined by Bryce Mahoney.

Mahoney is a former US Army Ranger, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and was a cast member on the first season of the docu-series “The Operatives,” a show that takes former special forces and military veterans to areas of the world with high rates of poaching and environmental crime. The show describes itself as  “James Bond meets Captain Planet.” The show was created and produced by Earthrace Conservation (earthraceconservation.org). In addition to traveling the planet and saving the world, Mahoney is a purple belt in BJJ and in active competitor and referee for US Grappling. He is a member of the Greensboro, N.C. Royce Gracie affiliation.

Topics covered in this episode included discussing “The Operatives,” civilian life after the military and the challenges young veterans face in todays society, how jiu jitsu can help enrich ones life as whole, our views on the Chris Kyle controversies and separation disorder, as well as our mutual appreciation for Onnit supplements.  And of course there was at least one short rant about CrossFit and/or Paleo by yours truly, as has come to be expected.

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