If there is one thing the first month or so of 2015 has taught us it is that there is no such thing as a slow news week in MMA. Last Sunday we were coming off of one of the most feel-good nights in the history of the sport when Anderson Silva collapsed to the mat in tears after he was announced as the winner over Nick Diaz. All of that warmth inside was taken away just a few days later.

Diaz and Silva were both revealed to have failed drug tests. Silva in a pre-fight test for steroids and Diaz in a post-fight test for marijuana. Craziness ensued. Silva has since denied taking any banned substances and Diaz has once again hinted at retirement.

Below you can relive all of the twists and turns in the Silva and Diaz story, as well as look at all of the other news and fight announcements from the past week.

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There you have it. All of those links are a lot to take in. At this point are you buying Anderson Silva’s story? Which fight announced over the past week are you most excited for? There are plenty of things to discuss before we gear up for a full weekend of WSOF, Bellator, and UFC cards. We will be back again next Monday to recap all of the action, in case you missed it.

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