Many of you may remember Nic Herron-Webb as the guy on TUF 16 that annoyed everybody by playing pool and jumping rope outside of people’s bedrooms at all hours of the night, waking up fighters in the middle of the night before a fight, and many other antics that generally irritated everybody.  And some of you may not remember him at all.  After a disappointing loss to Igor Araujo in the first round of the competition, Herron-Webb’s antics might have been the most memorable thing that he did on the show.  With that being said, you would be foolish if you let that one season of TUF define how you look at Herron-Webb.

After leaving TUF, Herron-Webb returned to his home state of Alaska and immediately got back to work.  However, things still did not go in his favor.  Herron-Webb lost his first two fights following his exit from TUF, including a second defeat to Araujo.  Since then, Herron-Webb has won three straight fights and Wednesday night at AFC 113, Herron-Webb will look to show the world that he deserves another shot in the UFC with his fourth straight victory.

In addition to looking for that victory, Herron-Webb is making his lightweight debut and wants to make a statement to all lightweight fighters that he is here to stay. “I finally feel like I am doing things right and I am at the right weight class,” Herron-Webb stated.

At AFC 113, Herron-Webb will be facing his friend and former teammate Cody Rice. As we all know, many fighters don’t like to fight friends and former training partners, but Herron-Webb is looking past that and is able to identify the pros and cons of such a fight. “It’s interesting fighting Cody because we are friends and we used to train together. I know his strengths and weaknesses.  I know the things that he does well and I know the things that he doesn’t.  I know the areas where I am better than he is and the areas that I can capitalize on. At the same time, he knows my strengths and weaknesses.  He knows where I am good and where I am not.  For this fight, it is a matter of me going out there, capitalize on the areas where I am better than he is and get this W.”

Obviously for every fighter, getting into the UFC is the ultimate goal, but Herron-Webb has essentially been there and while eager to get back there, he knows that he needs to ready when he gets his second chance. “I’ve texted with Joe Silva, I know what I need to do to get back to the UFC, but it is important for me to stay busy and keep active and fight as often as possible.  So I am looking for any opportunity, really, whether it is Bellator or WSOF or another opportunity at the UFC.  The important thing is that I keep busy and get in as many fights as I possibly can.”

Herron-Webb knows that his past didn’t do him any favors, and he did not make a lot of friends during his season of the Ultimate Fighter, but he is also the first to admit it. “I made some mistakes on the show and I know that I didn’t come off looking too well, but the way I was portrayed is not who I am, so please do not judge me based on that.  I am the guy on Facebook constantly interacting with the fans, giving back to my community and helping out coaching or volunteering my time or whatever I can do to help out or spend time with fans. I love to interact with the fans, I try and respond to everybody that messages me or asks for an autograph or whatever.”

On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at AFC 113 Herron-Webb hopes to take one step closer to fulfilling his dream and becoming a UFC champion as he squares off against Cody Rice.  The event is live on pay-per-view and can be viewed right here on The MMA Corner by clicking here.


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