The UFC’s featherweight division has quickly become one of the most exciting divisions in the UFC. Between Jose Aldo’s dominance, Conor McGregor’s surge into superstardom, the division is doing just fine these days.

One of the best young fighters in the division today is 23-year-old Hawaiian, Max Holloway. Since joining the UFC three years ago, Holloway has grown leaps and bounds as a fighter. He’s struggled against the best of the best in the division, but he’s also proven that he’s on the cusp of becoming an elite talent.

Having won four in a row in the Octagon, all by way of finish, Holloway has become one of the most dangerous fighters in the division. His opponent Cole Miller is a tough fighter, but Holloway has more than enough tools to bring home the victory.

Avoid the Ground Game

Miller may not be the most dangerous fighter that Holloway has ever faced, but if this fight hits the ground Holloway would be in real trouble. 15 of Miller’s 21 career victories have come by way of submission. Whether he is on top or on the bottom, Miller has the ability to finish and his long limbs he can attack in many different ways. Holloway needs to keep this fight standing if he wants to make it five in a row.

Get Inside

While Holloway will have a decided striking advantage, Miller will still pose problems on the feet because of his six-inch reach advantage. In order to be effective on the feet, Holloway is going to have to close the distance. Miller does have pretty solid Muay Thai on the inside from the clinch, but Holloway has the technical ability to do serious damage.

Make Miller Box

As mentioned above, Miller does have a good Muay Thai game, but his boxing is lacking. Holloway is one of the best strikers in the division and his boxing is crisp and technical. On the inside, Holloway needs to avoid the clinch and he needs to force Miller into a boxing match. If Holloway can bait Miller into boxing, he will get the victory Saturday night.

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