One of the big topics in the UFC has been the idea of Jon “Bones” Jones bumping up to heavyweight to fight Cain Velasquez.

It has started to gain a lot of steam and people are starting to dream about the “super fight” it would create. Even Jones himself has added to the super fight frenzy with his recent comments about having the skillset to beat Cain Velasquez.

As for now, the fans will have to wait because Jones is scheduled to fight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson on May 23, 2015, for the light heavyweight title at UFC 187 in Las Vegas.

Jones is favored in the fight and many think he will beat Johnson. I believe he will beat Johnson also and then everyone will be questioning what is next for the light heavyweight champ. If Jones dominates Johnson, like he did Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, many fans will want his next fight to be against Cain Velasquez at heavyweight.

I agree, Jones should totally move up to heavyweight and create the super fight against Velasquez that many have been drooling over, but not after he beats Johnson.

Many seem to forget that his fight at UFC 165 against Alexander Gustafsson was a close fight. Before Gustafsson lost to Johnson, many people were saying they wanted a rematch of Jones vs. Gustafsson. I was one of those people.

I think Jones should and will move up to heavyweight to fight Velasquez, but I want to see Jones vs. Gustafsson one more time before it happens. That was a fight I feel Jones could have lost and some people even believe he did lose, including Gustafsson himself.

No one has been able to make Jones look somewhat human other than Gustafsson. Many of the Jones title fights have been hyped up, saying that whoever he was fighting was his toughest opponent, but none of the fights lived up to the expectations other than the Gustafsson fight.

The idea of a super fight between Velasquez and Jones has me excited and I really want to see it. I just really want to see “Jones vs. Gustafsson 2” more because if Jones beats Gustafsson again, then I believe he has nothing left to prove at 205.

Until Jones shows that he can beat Gustafsson again and quiet all the people that say he lost to him, he should not move up to heavyweight to fight Cain Velasquez in what will be one of the most epic super fights of all time.

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Jeremy Klump
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