If there were one fight that I could say made me really fall in love with Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC, it would be Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009.

I remember that fight more than any other fight I have ever watched. I watched season nine of The Ultimate Fighter and throughout the season Bisping ran his mouth.

I was so excited to watch them fight because Bisping talked so much trash on the  show and Henderson just said he was going to talk with his fists, and that’s exactly what he did.

I remember how energetic it was that the crowd was chanting, “USA, USA, USA,” and the fight let the fans really connect.

The first round was a good one for Henderson as he was dropping some bombs on Bisping’s face. Henderson controlled the round and clearly took it 10-9. He seemed determined to shut Bisping up and make a statement. Bisping kept circling left into the right hand of Hendo and after the round his corner told him to stop doing it.

The second round was the same story and Bisping did not listen to his corner; Bisping kept circling left into the right hand of Henderson. You could see Henderson was looking for the knockout, as he was loading up with his right hand, in classic Hendo form. Then, in my opinion, one of the greatest moments in UFC histoy happened.

Henderson connected with one of his famous H-Bomb’s and knocked Bisping out, and knocked him out cold. Before the referee could step in to stop Henderson he landed a huge flying right hand to the unconscious Bisping. The shot was unneeded and vicious, but in the interview after the fight Henderson said, “I think that one was just to shut him up a little bit.”

It really did shut him up and caused so many to fall in love with the sport.

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Jeremy Klump
Interview Coordinator / Video Manager

Jeremy Klump is a Sport Media major at Ithaca College and has been writing about Mixed Martial Arts for over a year now. He interned at MVC Sports Management and AMA Fight Club. While interning at MVC and AMA, Jeremy found out that he had a true passion for writing about Mixed Martial Arts. He has interviewed and wrote articles on top UFC fighters while also having knowledge of regional fighters and the top new comers. He looks to grow as a writer and expand his knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts while being a proud member of The MMA Corner team.