Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect Jon Jones’ ability in the Octagon. Since winning the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 128 in March of 2011, he’s been nothing short of dominant; defending his title a UFC light heavyweight record eight consecutive times.

But as dominant as Jones has been, he really needs to pump the breaks on the moving to heavyweight talk because his next opponent Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is a killer. If he can get past Johnson, then by all means, the heavyweight talks should take place. Looking past Johnson would be a huge mistake for the champion.

Ever since Johnson stopped killing himself by trying to compete in the welterweight division, he has been impressive to say the least. After being released from the UFC in January of 2012 for his inability to make weight, Johnson has found his grove at 205. Since moving up in weight, Johnson has won nine in a row including six by way of knockout.

Now that Johnson is no longer depleting his body to make weight, he is able to step into the Octagon bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. Just look at what he was able to due to Alexander Gustafsson in his last bout.

Gustafsson was able to test Jones unlike anyone before or since and while Jones won the fight on the judges’ scorecards many felt that Gustafsson had the tools to dethrone the champion. When Gustafsson took on Johnson at UFC on Fox 14 in front of his home town fans in Sweden, many felt that Gustafsson would handle Johnson, setting up a rematch against Jones.

But once the fight started, that notion was quickly thrown out the window. Johnson brought the fight to Gustafsson and in just over two minutes, it was over; Johnson had won by brutal first round TKO. Johnson manhandled Gustafsson in such a way that it was hard to watch.

That impressive performance has now just Johnson on a collision course with Jones and Jones better not take it lightly. The fake brawl prank Jones and Johnson pulled on Dana White is all well and good, but don’t think for one second that Johnson isn’t ready to give Jones the fight of his life.

Jones has established a legacy that few if any will be able to match. But in MMA, everyone loses sooner or later. Thinking about anything other than the task at hand against Johnson could prove to be the biggest mistake of Jones’ young but already legendary career.

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RJ Gardner
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RJ Gardner is a rabid sports fan and a long time MMA enthusiast. After watching UFC 1 at ripe old age of 11 RJ was hooked and his passion for the sport has continued to blossom over the years. RJ has been covering MMA since 2007 and has had work featured on Bleacher Report,, and RJ is also a Petroleum Transportation Operations Manager during the day.

  • henry omadogho

    Jon Jones said in his interview, “With all due respect to Johnson, i believe i will win this fight, then after that i will entertain super fights and rematches.”
    Jones never looked past his opponents, he trained so hard to come up with a strategy to counter their strengths.
    Telling the Number 1 P4P best fighter in the world to be focus on his opponents is very comical since you were not the one who advice him against his 9th other title defenses.

    Stop twisting Jones words and trying to label him as cocky.

    • Josh Morland

      Exactly. It’s choo choo all aboard the Jon Jones hate train.

    • funny how gustafasson was saying the same crap about beating up jones after he took care of johnson. Gustafasson learned the lesson the hard way and so will jones. Also johnson has enough height that jones won’t be able to depend on his height to let him win the fight.

      • George Brown

        Johnson’s only 6′-2″ and he only has a 78″ reach. Jones is still much larger than Johnson.

        • jones is only 6ft3. Johnson is around 5ft11. Not a big difference in height. Johnson is not 6ft2.

          • Sadie Legrande

            No George is right Johnson is 6′ 2″ maybe you should do your research first.

          • you need to do better researches. Johnson is is not 6ft2.

          • Sadie Legrande

            He’s 1.88 meters which is what? 6′ 2″ so try again.

          • Sadie Legrande

            You’re probably gonna say Jon Jones isn’t 6′ 4″ either right? Or that Gus isnt 6′ 5″ right?

          • Sadie Legrande

            You should really do your research on things before talking about it. I mean it’s not hard to look up Anthony Johnsons info and stats and see that he’s in FACT 6′ 2″ and not 5′ 10″ like you said!

        • jones is not much taller. Johnson is about 3 inches shorter which isn’t such a big difference.

          • George Brown

            A five inch reach advantage along with his height is a big difference!

  • Israel

    I’m tired of people alluding to Johnson’s defeat of Gustafsson as proof that he can take Jones! Maybe deductive reasoning might say that since 1. Gus gave Jones the fight of his life and 2. Johnson beat Gus that 3. Johnson can beat Jones…. It doesn’t work that way at ALL!

    Gus and Johnson are two different fighters with two COMPLETELY different styles and body types. Just because Jones had problems with a tall and lanky fighter doesn’t mean he’ll have problems with a short and stocky one -

    • johnson is average height and isn’t short like most of jones opponents that jones fought.

      • Sadie Legrande

        Most of Jones’ opponents? Since Jones has won the title back in 2011 including Shogun and in his UFC career in general, there have only been 2 fighters that were listed as below 6 feet. Those two fighters were Rashad and Cormier who came in at 5′ 11″ a piece. If you had just said shorter than Jones in this context you would be correct as only Gus was taller than Jones who is 6′ 5″ and only Stephan Bonnar matched Jones in height, so yeah do your research again.

      • Sadie Legrande

        Excluding both Bonnar and Gus’ height the average height of Jones’ opponents is still 6′ 2″ which is Johnsons listed height.

    • Sadie Legrande

      Me too. They were doing that with DC and Hendo fight. People were saying that because DC ragdolled Hendo he was going to do the same to Jones. Then look how that turned out.

    • Sadie Legrande

      Plus Gus had boxing something that Jones had problems with when he fought Gus. I’m not sure if Johnson has that same boxing acumen to give Jones those kind of problems. I guess we will find out.

  • Sadie Legrande

    I don’t think Jones is overlooking Johnson by talking about moving up a weight class. If he wins there will be no one left to legitimately face Jones at 205. If he loses then he will most likely get an instant rematch. I mean Bader and Cormier will face off later this year but I don’t know if those have title shot implications on them. But don’t be so quick to overlook the champ either. A lot of fighters have had impressive victories before facing a champ then once they faced the champ they either get steamrolled or they’re not as dominant as they were in their last fight. This could be the same outcome. I don’t think Jones will make the same mistakes he made against Gus by overlooking him. But he will be prepared like he was against DC. Either way it should be a great fight.