Two years ago this would have been a very different fight. Roy Nelson is one of the most loved fighter’s in the UFC and Alistair Overeem is quite the opposite. This isn’t a popularity contest though, it’s an elite level, heavy weight mma fight. The likelyhood of the final bell ringing is slim to none, and my prediction is Overeem will have his hand raised.

The knock out power of Nelson, combined with his high level jiu-jitsu skills would have spelled trouble for Overeem in the past, but Nelson has been slipping recently. The only win that Nelson has had in the past two years was over an aged Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. That’s a great win still, but his other three fights were all losses, and most recently he was handed his second knock out loss. There comes a time in every fighters career when they and the spectators realize that their prime has come and gone. I think this is the fight to really bring that into the forefront of every discussion surround Nelson. He’s thirty-eight years old and this will be his thirty-first professional fight. He has taken some beatings, even in some of the victories he has had, and no body gets a free pass.

Overeem didn’t live up to the hype that surrounded him coming into the UFC. His personality and past test for an abnormal T to E ration haven’t won him a lot of fans either. Since joining the UFC he has been up and down in terms of his performances. To say his chin is questionable is a kind statement. It’s gone, and if he loses it will be to an overhand right delivered by Nelson. That isn’t going to happen though.

A good fight to review leading up to this match up is Overeem’s recent fight with Frank Mir. Though it wasn’t that exciting he was able to utilize his striking skills and keep Mir getting him into a dangerous grappling match. If Overeem plays it smart and sticks to a game plan he will pick apart Nelson on the feet with ease. He is quicker, stronger, and if his cardio is there Nelson doesn’t stand a chance. While Nelson has power in his over hand right, Overeem has knock out power coming from every direction. Whether it’s a body kick, high kick, or a punch, Overeem has the ability to end the fight at any moment.

As with any heavyweight fight, this match up produces an enormous likelihood of a devastating, highlight reel worthy knock out. It’s always dangerous to bet on a heavyweight or to include them in your fantasy team, but if it goes your way it pays off quite well. Especially, for a fantasy team. Be sure to tune in, because this is going to be an ultra violent affair.


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