One of the greatest innovations of this decade is without a doubt the advent of digital streaming services, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, UFC Fight Pass and of course the 500-lbs gorilla, Netflix. With so many options and a plethora of content, these services have convinced many to forgo cable and satellite television services altogether. The best part for fight fans is there is never a shortage of action packed movies with epic one-on-one hand to hand combat or classic martial arts roundhouse kicks. So if you have Netflix, and if you’re reading this than chances you do, which films are available right now to quell hour thirst for violence and occupy several hours of your town this weekend?

#5 – Gladiator (2000)

Opening things is one of the most epic movies ever, “Gladiator,” starring Russell Crowe. While not a martial arts movie, it does feature sport fighting on the original big stage, the Roman Coliseum. Crowe portrays a deposed Roman general who finds himself a slave and the leader of a revolution against the tyrannical emperor Commodus. While not historically accurate in the least bit, the real life Commodus was considered a big fan of gladiatorial games and was assassinated by an actual gladiator. Even though this one if 15-years old, it still stands with some of the best epic movies from any era.

#4 – The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)

Coming up next on the list is Jackie Chan’s sequel to his 1978 cult classic “Drunken Master.” Naturally one cannot have a fight movie list without at least one Chan flick; unfortunately the original was not available so we had to settle for the followup, which is why he’s at the No. 4-spot. Originally released in Hong Kong as “Drunken Master II,” and later in the U.S. in 2000 under the above title, it was not considered a true sequel and is able to stand on it’s own two feet as a feature film. Chan does reprise his role as the title character and utilizes his “drunken boxing” to defeat the bad guys, but that’s where the similarities stop. It is still considered one of the better martial arts films, and since it’s a period piece won’t seem outdated by today’s standards.

#3 – The Octagon (1980)

This one has everything; terrorist ninjas, a hot babe, and Chuck Norris, not to mention the name is perfect for any fight fan, “The Octagon,” which is the training facility for the terrorist ninjas in this film. Norris portrays karate champion James Scott, hired to protect the wealthy and beautiful Justine. Naturally he roundhouse kicks his way to victory from beginning to end.

#2 – Bloodsport (1988)

Without a doubt the best Jean-Claude Van Damme flick ever, “Bloodsport” has solidified itself as one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time. JCVD plays Frank Dux, a U.S. Army Captain who travels to the far east to compete in a super secret illegal full-contact tournament known as the Kumite. He uses the ancient techniques of the Tanaka clan to ensure his spot, dodges federal agents, and gets revenge for his friend, who was the only other American at the tournament.

#1 – The Way Of The Dragon (1972)

If you only watch one martial arts movie in your entire life, this is it. Produced, directed and starring the most legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, it broke box offices records in Hong Kong and like many of Lee’s other films, was able to crossover into the U.S. and world market with insurmountable success. The back drop is Rome, and we get to see Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris duke it out in the Coliseum. Also of note, two of Lee’s other great films, “Game of Death” and “Big Boss,” are available on Netflix and easily could have been on this list as well.

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